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Sep 19, 2006 09:04 PM

Best Late Night Eats?

It never fails - I am coming home from a late night jaunt and I get hungry. I scan all my favorites to see what's open. For some reason I have come to believe that all great Chicago chow spots close at 11pm. Please prove me wrong. I love all kinds of food. What's open late? Weekdays AND weekends...I never know when that late craving will strike!

thanks! A

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  1. i just visited chicago for the first time....amazing city but it did seem to close early...........
    never ate there but i know superdawg stays open they have good dawgs and fries

    1. Three Happiness in Chinatown off Cermak.

      1. My favorite late night place is The Taco Burrito Palace #2 on Halsted & Fullerton, or for that matter; almost every Mexican place in town is open damn near all night! Nothing preps you for the next day like a monster burrito after a night of drinking on the town.

        Also two interesting places for late night abuse & tasty eats are The Wieners Circle on Broadway and Philly's Best on Belmont.

        1. For what it's worth, I think the cover story on the current issue of TimeOut Chicago is late-night eats.

          1. Wiener's Circle is fun but I prefer to go to Gioio's a few doors down for very very good late night pizza. (Try their spicy italian beef pizza. It's really good.)

            But when someone is willing to drive and I am in the mood for serious late night, I head to San Soo Gab San on 5200 block of Western. They have good bbq (kalbi and bulgogi) as well as great spicy stews. Open until 6am or so.