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Sep 19, 2006 08:57 PM

Romantic, affordable restaurant in HOU open on Monday nights?

We will be celebrating our anniversary in a few weeks and would like to find something romantic, but affordable. We love La Dolce Vida, but it's not open on Mondays. I'm up for anything, but my sweetheart prefers Italian and Tex Mex. (He'd be happy to go to Goode Co.--I'm the one who wants something special.)

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  1. What sort of price range is "affordable?"

    1. Sorry, under $75 for both of us would be great.

      1. I'm not sure if all of these fit your definition of romantic, but...
        - DiVino (Italian) on West Alabama
        - Cafe Rabelais (French) in Rice Village
        - Hugo's (Mexican) on Westheimer
        - Sushi King (duh) on Kirby
        - State Grille (American) on Weslayan (?)
        - Sorrento (Italian) on Westheimer
        - Trevisio (Italian) in the Med Center
        - Prego (Italian) in Rice Village