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Sep 19, 2006 08:54 PM

Man, the cider donuts at Russell Orchards are so awesome

Crispy outside, moist inside and warm from the fryer. Pure heaven, washed down with an ice cold glass of unpasteurized cider. This is what fall in New England is all about. Smallish Macs on the trees with a lot of spots, not so pretty but tasty and will be great for baking.

The donuts we had last weekend at Brooksby Farm, in contrast, were stale and dry with a weird bitter taste. Plus the woman who seems to run the farmstand is always so unpleasantly bitchy, especially to kids. And the Macs there were so sour- no way they were ripe for picking. Galas were very good.

Now to Home Cooking for apple recipes...

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  1. Russell Orchards is in Ipswich? Darn, I'll be driving in the wrong direction for apples this Sunday. ;-b

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    1. I agree. Those cider donuts at Russell are amazing. They even come back to life and nice and crispy in the toaster the next day.

      Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow also has great cider donuts.

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        I agree with Wurstof about the donuts a Honey Pot Hill Orchards,I was there yesterday with my kids and grandkids and they have the best ones.Hay by the way does anyone have the recipe for cider donuts?

        1. re: gmrice

          I wish I did! But I'm going to try this one from the Home Cooking board:

          When I worked (briefly!) at the farmstand at Ingaldsby Farms in Boxford, the cider doughnuts were made by pouring some cider into a bag of donut mix!

      2. Excellent! That's where I'm going on Sunday (Honey Pot, that is).