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Sep 19, 2006 08:39 PM

Korean BBQ

I'm on a binge, but I don't know where to best satisfy my cravings. Ate at two places recently, one in the city and one in jersey. I'd like to broaden my horizons though. Prefer to eat in the city but willing to go to queens on the weekend. Help.

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  1. This recent thread on the Manhattan board might help:

    1. There is a good bbq place in Flushing on Union St. one block over from Roosevelt Ave called San Soo Kap San. They use wood charcoal and the owners also are meat distributers for a lot of the Korean restaurants. The best meat is galbi.

      The muni parking lot is across the street and the price is reasonable for bbq. I would recommend this place over Kum Kang Sang on Northern. I think the best bbq is in Queens. Jersey may have some, but I've never been to any.

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      1. re: FoodFanNYC

        Gonna check this one out too
        Thanks so much for your help. (still love Korean bbq)

      2. ricenoodlesntea,

        You can have an orgy at these places...these are Korean Buffets. Picnic Garden is Korean BBQ buffet. This was a post in CH. I cut and paste it here just for you!

        Picnic Garden
        I know that this is a bit late for the "Roseanne" family from AZ, but since
        foodluvngal included Flushing and Buffet and Korean, the best bargain is Picnic
        Garden on Northern Blvd in East Elmhurst. The owner claims that this is one of the
        only Korean Barbecue Buffets in NY and all of the boroughs. Lunch is a bargain at
        $12.99 and the meat is uncooked, just bring it back to the table and cook it on the
        grill in your table. I dine alone when travelling on business, so many Korean BBQ's
        won't light the grill for a single. Plenty of salads, appetizers, soup to go along
        with the BBQ.

        174th st. and northern blvd

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        1. re: designerboy01

          Been a long while! But the bbq passion is still there! gonna be staying in queens for a little while. Gonna check this place out!
          thank you so much for your effort!!! yay!

        2. 36 used to be the mac but they changed their format(silly rabbits) Next-best bet for table-grilled, marinated shortribs is at Do Hwa on or near Carmine street. A bit more expensive than what you'd find in Ktown, but the downtown room and the option of some more inventive cuisine mixed in with your panchan and bibimbap make it a sure bet.

          1. You gotta go to Woo Lae Oak or Kum Gang San. They're the only ones we go to..and quite often at that..