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Sep 19, 2006 08:08 PM

Real canned butter (not ghee) & canned cheese

Has anyone tried either?

It seems there are quite a few canned butters out there made in various countries. I mean, shut my mouth as my jaw dropped.

This link with pictures does a review of "Red Feather" from New Zealand which says ...
"It is great! Smooth and creamy as good a butter as I've ever tasted"

That same site had a link to real canned cheese and, of course, I couldn't resist looking.

I was in a Latino store near me in San Pablo, California and saw my first canned butter. Looked at the can ... cream & salt ... that was it. No preservatives.

I forgot to write down the name and decided to goggle "canned butter" and gee, 10,000 hits on canned butter.

This appeals to me because I don't use butter that often and it would be nice to have on hand instead of the stick I keep in the freezer that has parties with ever food in there picking up odors and flavors no matter what protection I use.

As to the cheese, it was written by a cheese deprived New Zealander and might not be available outside of that area. However, it seems like a good idea to have in an emergency.

Has any one tried canned butter and what brand? Is it any good? I even found a recipe for canning your own.

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  1. I don't know about canned butter but once I had some excellent canned cheddar cheese produced at Washington State University. It's real cheese, not processed cheese product as in the example above. As I reacll, it was quite good and it is supposed to get better as it ages in the can. More info at

    I had the Cougar Gold, I think.

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      It's true - this stuff is famous and supposed to be quite good. I've never had the chance to try it, though.

      1. re: Scruncheons

        Cougar Gold and its variants have been Washington State soul food for a long time. If Santa doesn't put one under the tree for you, you feel deprived. BTW, "Cougars" is the name of the WSU teams.

        1. re: Scruncheons

          Cougar gold is a great tasting cheese. The first and only canned cheese that I have tried. Now I travel to Pullman every time they have a new batch ready. Personally, I prefer the end pieces.
          Sometimes available through Costco.

        2. Don't kinow about the cheese, but the problem with decent commercially canned butter is that once you open it, it keeps no better than the aforemntioned stick anyway. So if you get a craving at 2am on Sunday, you're set - but then you're back to square one.

          If you you really have that much trouble freezing it, wrap a few half sticks in plastic then freeze them in a (wide mouth) Mason jar. They will NOT pick up any odors. For that matter, I find that a couple of heavy freezer bags keeps it odor free for a pretty long time.

          1. I've never had canned butter, I think I may like my butter a bit fresher. On the other hand, cheese tastes better with age and I was introduced to canned cheddar cheese in Jamaica years ago and have been eating it ever since. It does have preservatives but and it's got the yellow color but it is naturally colored with annato. It tastes great melted on Jamaican Bulla cake. It's pretty easy to get in the states, not cheap, about $16 for a little over two pounds. They make smaller and larger cans but the small cans are too small and the big cans are too big unless you have an army to feed.

            1. Growing up in Taiwan we ate canned butter, probably from Australia. That's where the fond memories of buttered toast come from. When i first came to the states, everyone was eating margarine. ugh.

              I looked for the canned butter after going to larger cities with Chinatowns. Most common is a red can smaller in diameter but slightly taller than the size of a large can of tuna. I think Vietnamese grocery stores tend to have it, but most larger Chinese stores have them, too. It's just hard to get one that's not way over the expiration dates.

              1. I just got back from an afternoon of shopping in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood(aka Li'l Chinatown---long story, local history/Li'l Saigon) and was immediately reminded of this new thread when I stumbled across half an aisle of canned butters and cheeses at Viet Hoa.
                I neglected to burden myself with yet more oddities to experiment with as I already had a basket brimming with pastes, sauces, oils, and produce. Interesting, to say the least.