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Sep 19, 2006 08:03 PM

Hoagies near 30th Street Station

I'm flying into Newark and taking the train to Philly next month. Haven't had a decent hoagie in about 30 years! Where can I chow down with gusto? (coming in from Oregon)

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  1. Walk east on Market on the south side and cross the river. Once you cross the river you will see a ramp. Take the ramp which is on your right. That will take you to Chestnut St. Turn left and walk to 21st St. On the north side of Chestnut is Primo's hoagies. They are made with Sarcone's rolls and you cannot do any better in that area.

    1. Thank you so much, OlderPhiladelphian! I'll be there quite early for a hoagie breakfast!

      1. Primo's may not be open at breakfast hours but now hoagie places would be. The only caveat to the wonderful hoagies they have there, are that for a visitor they are a take-out only place. If its a nice day walk a couple of blocks with your hoagie to Rittenhouse Square. If not take a right on 22St past Locust and go to Gusto's where you can sit down inside and be served by a real Philly waitress. (starting around 11 I'd guess)