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Sep 19, 2006 07:49 PM

Midtown West Groceries

I just moved to midtown west... any suggestions besides Food Emporium for reasonably-priced groceries? Thanks

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  1. assuming you're talking about the food emporium on 49th and 8th, i think reasonably priced is quite a stretch . . . I just moved to the area as well and haven't found anything great. There are some good places up and down 9th for certain items - good seafood markets, butcher, cheese shop, decent produce, etc - but I'm still looking for a good all around supermarket.

    1. I usually go to the Food Emp, but I also shop at the Amish Market on 9th ave, somewhere b/t 48th & 50th. The have more specialty foods and the produce, while not the greatest, is cheaper than FE.

      There are two okay cheese shops--one next to the 9th Ave Vintner on 9th and 46, and another on the east side of 9th ave in the low 50s. The latter one is better.

      Also, there is an outdoor produce market below 48th on 9th. And there is an indoor produce market--sort of in a shack--west of 9th. Don't remember exactly where, but it's near the post office (~53rd st.)

      Oh yeah and the Westerly Natural Market. And if you need something really basic, the Riteaid (8th & 50) is often cheaper than the food stores.

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        The place on 48th an 9th might be Mazzella's Market (694 9th Ave, (212) 586-1448). The fruit and vegetable stand is on 52nd st b/t 8th ave and 9 ave, closer to 9th...not sure of the name.

        1. re: ultbil

          Name of the fruit and veg stand is Stiles and it is adjacent (to the east of) an outdoor parking lot on the east side of the street. It really does look like a shack and is easy to miss. Also hit and miss. What I have gotten is always inexpensive, but I have to pick through very carefully as quality is not the best.

      2. Thanks for all the suggestions!

        1. I live on 9th Ave in the 50's and the grocery shopping is spread out. I go to Stiles (on 52nd if leaving from home or 41st if getting off the train on 42nd) for vegetables and fruit, for meat I go to the Big Apple Market, for just about everything else I go to Western Beef on 11th Ave in the sixties (I think it is on the corner of 63rd). I like Pozzo's for Italian bread (48th and 9th) though the Italian bread at the Big Apple is pretty good in a pinch. I also love there Cannoli Cake. I like the International Grocery on 9th and I think 39th. They have good salamis, olives, spices, fetas and the best Tormasalata and Tsaziki (excuse the spelling).