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Sep 19, 2006 07:26 PM

Looking for a good restaurant for a 24th birthday

My sister lives and goes to school in Carlsbad and I am looking for a fun moderately priced restaurant to go with 10 people for her birthday. Am willing to go into San Diego, but would prefer to stay north of the city. Not looking for CPK or chain feel, something cool that ideally has a decent bar scene would be great. Thanks!

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  1. I have been to parties at Il Fornaio, they can sometimes set up a private area on their patio.

    1. Lei Lounge on Adams, close to Park, in San Diego. Pool boys, cabanas, hip, trendy..........sounds like a 24th B-day party waiting to happen.

      1. I would avoid Il Fornaio. We had a birthday party there a few months ago and it was absolutely awful. Terrible food and fairly expensive and no bar scene to speak of. Epazote, just next door, was fairly lively but I haven't been there recently. Also might want to check out Firefly, El Callejon or I Trulli in Encinitas or Blanca in Solana Beach (might be pricey)or Coyote Bar & Grill, which is the only place I've ever been in Carlsbad. I didn't eat there, but it seems like it might be fun for a 24th birthday.

        1. Not sure what you mean by decent bar scene, but if you're OK with wine and beer, I strongly suggest you scope out Pizza Port. They have a Carlsbad village location, and they have a fun, casual atmosphere, serve awesome beer, and pretty decent pizzas and entree salads. It's a lively, young atmosphere. They also make their own ice cream.

          It's definitly ultra-casual, and easy on the pocketbook. I would advise you go there first and see if it's what you have in mind, but I've seen tons of birthday parties held there.

          1. If you like Italian food "When in Rome" in Encinitas is really good. And there are plenty of bars nearby, including Martini Ranch.