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Rice Cooker - NOT non-stick?

i'm looking for a rice cooker without a non stick coating. Does anyone know of a brand that's available in toronto?

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  1. I love my Zojirushi. I don't know where it would be available in Toronto. Here's a link to what it looks like.


    It said it's non-stick in the description, but it really isn't.

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      >It said it's non-stick in the description, but it really isn't.

      Maybe you mean your rice sticks? But Zojirushi customer service told me they use a nonstick coating called sumiflon on their rice pans. Sumiflon is a PTFE/Teflon type coating, so if you don't want to cook with that you have to find another brand. It's too bad, people love their Zojirushis.

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        It does have a non-stick surface. I have it. I wish I could find one that didn't have a non-stick surface...sigh...

      2. Are you ever near Markham. Pacific Mall has several houseware stores some of which carry Zojirushi. If that doesn't work then try Market village right next door (one houseware store). If none of those are suitable maybe you could try the Peach Tree plaza at HWY 7 and Kennedy, there are two houseware stores there. And I think there is a place near Kensington market called Fortunes that sells all kinds of things asian houseware included.

        1. Here is one with a stainless steel insert you can get by mail order.


          1. Before Zojirushi began their assault on the rice cooker market with their non-stick plastic insert rice cooker, National used to be the go-to rice cooker brand of choice. It has a metal (aluminum) insert that gives you a nice crispy bottom, which as a noonungjin (crispy browned rice) lover I prefer. I still have one from almost 20 years ago, still going strong. I believe the Nationals are now re-branded to Panasonic, but they are hard to find these days. Good luck.

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              I too have a National with an alumium anodized pan... I love it.. over 20 years old and I have not seen one simular for a long time.

            2. Is NOT non-stick better than a non-stick pan? Or it depends on the brand? We looking into getting a new basic model. Regularly make chinese rice, & we have had problems with rice sticking at the bottom of several basic rice cookers we have had over the years. The one we had years ago, the rice didn't stick at the beginning, but after about two years of regular use, started sticking. For basic rice cookers, are Zojirushi, Tiger, Pansonic/National & Sanyo brands the best on the market?

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                Don't know about the brands, but I have the same problem with my old (10 years) Panasonic. The nonstick coating has mostly peeled off. Fortunately, there's a work-around I use until I can afford a nice new programmable rice cooker (that will have hot fluffy rice waiting for me at dinnertime): After the rice is done, turn off the "keep warm" function (I have to unplug it) and wait about 10 minutes before opening the lid. This seems to significantly reduce sticking.

                If you WANT sticking and a crispy brown bottom, you can always use your non-stick for a couple of years until the coating peels off :). Or leave it on "keep warm" for 12 hours, like I did once. I damn near had to scrape the rice out with a chisel that time.

                1. re: happy_c

                  Happy, if you left in on for 12hrs and had to chisel the rice out, I think that could explain why the non-stick peel off. As an aside, National is Panasonic.

                  1. re: JRCann

                    Yeah, I think that might have had something to do with it.

                    I didn't want to soak to get it off because I would've missed being able to eat all that lovely crunchy browned rice.

                  2. re: happy_c

                    just fill it with water and let it soak for another 12 hours. most of it will come out. and yes, a little rice does stick at the bottom. Good grief, its not like its hard to get it out, all it needs is about 15 minutes of soapy water soaking it.

                2. I recently bought one called VitaClay. The inside pot is made of clay. It is fully programmable and looks terrific - black and stainless steel - also can be used as a slow cooker. After looking all over for a pot without nonstick coating, I finally found this one on Amazon.com two weeks ago. I just received it, and I made my first pot of perfect rice last night. I am thrilled with it. (Amazon is selling it for $99.99 w/free shipping.)

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                    That sounded interesting, so I went looking online to see what they looked like. The very first web site that I looked at mentioned twice that there was "no added lead" in the clay. It doesn't seem like they would be able to sell them in the US if they had lead, but still- this seemed a little spooky to me- why not say "lead free"?...

                    Did yours say anything about the lead content of the clay?

                    1. re: Clarkafella

                      Since clay is 'dirt', weathered rock, it contains lead, even if it is measured in ppm. The lead level may well be low enough to be safe, but it isn't lead-free in an absolute sense.

                      Usually the concern is that lead, or a lead containing compound, is sometimes added to pottery glazes to enhance certain qualities. In these case the levels can be high enough to leach into food, especially acidic liquids that are stored in clay jugs.

                  2. The only one I know of is the lower end of the Hitachi brand. I now have to replace mine, which lasted 25 years.

                    1. I've just switched to a stainless steel saucepan! Works great. It's nearly as easy - once it starts to boil, turn heat to low and turn the timer on for 20min.

                      I'm interested in this clay one... off to check it out!

                      1. I bought a cheap one when I was a student at some low-brow store (I don't quite remember but something along the lines of a pharmacy). It was non-stick and cheap, the sort that is basically a metal pan that fits on top of a coil, with a lid and a "cook" button, no particularly fancy features. They are out there.

                        1. Last week, the New York Times had a little blurb on a new stainless steel rice cooker and insert. It can be ordered online. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/11/din...

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                          1. re: goodeatsgal

                            YOU ARE AWESOME!
                            I have been looking for a stainless steel rice cooker.
                            And they had some great looking organic rices offered as well. I wish I could give you a commission check for finding this for me! Thanks for taking the time to post goodeatsgal! You are very appreciated! YAAYAYAYAY!

                            1. re: Maverick8901

                              You're welcome. :). I hope it's still available 2 years later! Enjoy!

                              1. re: goodeatsgal

                                It is still available! :) Thanks, goodeatsgal! I just found this thread in a quest for my own NOT non-stick cooker, and I just placed an order for the one you linked to in the NY Times article. Here's a direct link to the cooker, made by Lotus Foods, in case anyone else is looking for it, too: http://www.lotusfoods.com/Stainless-S...

                                1. re: ballerinafarmer

                                  LOL. I've never ordered one myself, but I'm glad that it's available for ballerinafarmer and Maverick8901. Hope you like it!

                                  1. re: goodeatsgal

                                    Can those of you who purchased the Lotus cooker post a review here? Thanks!

                                    1. re: rekha6

                                      I can't speak for the Lotus brand, but I bought a NutriWare rice cooker by Aroma with a surgical stainless steel grade inner pot a few years back and still use it very often. Aroma makes a few different models with the steel inner pot.

                                      Depending on the type of rice you cook, it can stick a bit to the bottom, but soaking it in warm soapy water makes it easier to clean.

                                      Worth the money IMO.

                            2. re: goodeatsgal

                              One thing that seems bad about it (though they list it as a selling point), is that it's not a multi-ply material, but a completely stainless steel pot. I would worry that the uneven heat distribution might be a problem.

                              Not only do they mention the unproven complaints about aluminum, but seem to be implying that cookware which has aluminum as an outside or inner layer would be problematic.

                              1. re: will47

                                <it's not a multi-ply material>

                                I have never seen a rice cooker with a multiply pot.

                                1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                  Well normally, it's aluminum, with a non-stick coating on the inside (which, I think could be argued is multi-ply, but at any rate, at least has good heat distribution). But some manufacturers do make multi-ply pots, especially for the induction models.

                                  Some manufacturers even have models with one or more copper layers (Tiger, Sanyo).


                                  1. re: will47

                                    <But some manufacturers do make multi-ply pots, especially for the induction models.>

                                    Must be expensive then. :) Yeah, I have seen a couple of induction rice cooker models. I wonder if they are really worth the trouble. For stovetop cooking, I can understand that induction cooking is more efficient than traditional resistive coil heating because much of the heat from the traditional resistive coil is lost to the surrounding. However, for a rice cooker, an enclosed environment, I don't see the same degree of advantage. They may be quiker though.

                                    <The extra-thick inner pot is composed of aluminum and stainless steel with a non-stick inner coating and copper exterior. >

                                    Wow, that is fancy for a rice cooker. I wonder if the multiclad design is more important for these induction rice cookers.

                                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                      Since aluminum isn't magnetic, there needs to be *some* kind of magnetic layer for induction to work. I assume the additional layers are mostly there for more even heating, so that the rice doesn't scorch near the induction coil.

                                      I have felt some of the ones with a copper layer in person, and they feel really pleasantly solid.

                                      I have a Zoji that's induction based, and it works pretty well. I wouldn't say that it's faster or has better results than a non-induction model, but I've been happy with it.

                                      1. re: will47

                                        :) I have the non-induction Zoji, Fuzzy logic of sort, and it has been treating me alright too. I love the little elephant.

                              2. re: goodeatsgal

                                Thanks so much! My husband and I were just talking about trying to find a stainless steel rice cooker. Our current (cheap) one we've had for only a few years is dented up and the non-stick coating is peeling off (yuck.).

                                I wasn't even in search of this answer, and found it....Thanks :)

                              3. Thanks to this thread, I purchased a Miracle rice cooker, which seems to be the same as the Lotus but with a different logo: http://amzn.to/UOduuC

                                We are very happy with it. We've only made brown rice, and you just add a bit more water. So if you use two of their cups (annoyingly they are different from standard measures), fill to just under line 3. I tried wild rice last night with double the water - need more water.

                                Cleaning is no problem - just soak for a few minutes and use a gentle scour sponge.

                                1. Hi all. My first post on this forum though I have lurked for the past year. I only bumped into this forum while looking for knife buying tips. Great resources here.

                                  Pacific Sales here in Southern Cal carries the Buffalo brand rice cookers with stainless steel pots. Two of sis-in-laws have this brand and they are satisfied with it. I haven't used it or have even tasted rice cooked from it so can't tell you if it's all hyped or not. This brand is out of Malaysia, I think, and is advertised on Asian TV stations all over. Pacific Sales is a branch of Best Buy so they are present in other places. Btw, these rice cookers are not cheap at over $200 last time I checked.

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                                    I had been looking for not non-stick rice cookers for a while, and something more than just the basic. (For people with normal jobs, the timer feature by itself is invaluable).
                                    For reference, previously we have (still have) a Zojirushi with non-stick and also several basic Panasonic/National ones. The non-stick started peeling with the Panasonics.

                                    I've found 2 options:
                                    * A "clay" pot option, http://vitaclaychef.com/home . My brother got something similar, he says it works, clean up is not too fussy, some minor soaking. I did not go for this because contaminants can be in clay and, well, just check where this clay comes from ...
                                    * The Buffalo. It is really expensive, as much as any Zoji or National. The inner pot is just plain stainless and seems really well made, no complaints. The rest of the cooker? Well, it immediately needed to go back for warranty / fix (which was fairly painless, but doesn't bode well), but since then has been in action for over a year and no problems. I don't worry about it falling apart, but there are NUMEROUS usability issues when compared with the Zoji. Just to name a few
                                    - Controls for timer are confusing. There are 2 timer buttons, it's not the big one most of the time (don't know what that does).
                                    - The LCD display is not easily readable unless at eye level (anyone put their rice cooker at eye level?
                                    )- When opening the lid, be careful of steam scalding your hand. This just doesn't happen with the Zoji or National for some reason.
                                    - There is a small steam "valve" that is removeable for cleaning, and nothing else. But stuff gets stuck in all sorts of places and this is why the Zoji comes apart easily for cleaning!

                                    Cleaning the steel pot is not so hard. It does stick, but just throw in a bit of water, close the lid a bit and clean it after your meal. It just needs some moisture, doesn't have to be soaked, to keep the rice easily removeable.

                                    I later also noticed this funky pot http://www.san-dynamic.com.hk/eng/sho... but I think it is not for NorthAmerican voltage, it has a ceramic inner pot.

                                    Overall, I think I would be happier with the Buffalo if it were half the price since there are so many shortfallings outside of the pot, but I don't worry about it failing and I think it will last a while.

                                    By the way, we had taste testings of the Zoji, clay pot and the Buffalo stainless and nobody detected many obvious differences, nothing consistent. Some one prefer rice from one cooker and some people preferred the other. Overall, I thought the Zoji "Quick cook" mode actually makes the best.

                                  2. I am looking for the better type smaller rice cooker with stainless steel interior. I live in Fl. Need recomendations. I have looked at the Miracle one and it has some bad reviews and also holds a lot of rice to be cooked. Note sometimes when you try to cook as in a 5 cup one they do great. In larger ones when you cut back, the rice does not cook as well. Reason I would prefer 5 cup or so.

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                                    1. re: Tinkerbell

                                      I just bought a small one from Amazon for $36.88. Light in weight and works just fine. Easy to stash under the counter. Easy to clean.

                                      (Aroma ARC-753SG 6-Cup (Cooked) Simply Stainless Rice Cooker)

                                      1. re: Pasadena

                                        I was thinking of that exact one. Let me know how it turns out. Seems the reviews are as good as Miracle one and not so big. I tried to find a cheap Miracle 81 one and they are not cheap. Also they are returning them often it seems. That does not sound good you know. So I better go for a more reasonable priced one as we do not need that much rice anyhow at a time. I understand when you undercook amounts in these items they do not do as well sometimes. Thanks for your response.

                                        1. re: Tinkerbell

                                          I just love this little "Aroma" cooker. Small and lightweight, good quality stainless inner pot, easy to clean and store.

                                          Have used it 3 times. Perfect rice always. So uncomplicated.

                                          I've had many high-end, expensive appliances, including rice cookers, but now I think they cost too much and are too much trouble for what they give you. (Now I sound just like my mother.) I'm really happy I chose this one.

                                    2. VitaClay - is a rice cooker/slow cooker that has a clay pot. Rice turns out really nice. You need to apply a small coat of oil to help it not stick. I use a paper towel and olive oil. Makes good white and brown rice. It also is a wonderful slow cooker. I love the clay pots! But you have to take care of them. Replacing them is not cheap - because of shipping costs. The original pot lasted me awhile though - I used it heavily for about 2 years. So it is worth it to me to replace the one that cracked. Shipping was a better deal when you ordered 2 - so that is what I did. I’ve always thought that having a second pot on had would be handy - so, I’m happy with the purchase. This way I can keep one with leftovers and still be able to use the cooker. https://vitaclaychef.com/

                                      Instant Pot IP-LUX60 - I just read about this pressure cooker/rice cooker/slow cooker. It has a stainless steel pot and has received great reviews. So I’ve ordered one and can’t wait to give it a try!

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                                      1. re: bemafu

                                        Hi bemafu, just wondering how you liked the Instant Pot IP LUX60?

                                        1. re: ski_gpsy

                                          You must read the Amazon reviews. I do not like all the bad scores that this pot only may last a year. I bought simple 4 cup and then a 6 cup rice cooker that is super and did not pay anywhere near this much plus it does not take up a lot of room. I just would like to know when I spend around $125 plus that I am not going to be throwing it out. Also control on front has gone on some. Check it out.

                                      2. Hi, This thread is old but I love my stainless steel Tatung so much, I feel compelled to recommend it to anyone searching. My obsessive research paid off. It's the #1 rice cooker in Korea--a good sign. It's well designed (only essential buttons) and requires very little energy and time to cook rice. But what I love best is its stainless steel removable inner pot. No exposure to yucky teflon or other "non-stick" materials! It's super easy to clean. The 3-cup version is big enough to cook a meal for friends but small enough for me to take it along when I travel. I mix up spice packets and make kitchadi on the go! Buy one now; you'll thank me after your first pot of perfect rice. http://www.tatungusa.com/app/pageprod...

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                                        1. re: omaopio

                                          Sounds great but they are not cheap. I finally found one but not available at Amazon at present.

                                          1. re: Tinkerbell

                                            I have 2 machines that make rice very well.

                                            My Vitaclay pots have lasted me since I wrote the last post. Still love this machine. Rice turns out great every time. Using it as a slow cooker is also amazing. Soups, curries, stew, pulled BBQ meats....Many uses and one pot meals. Put on in the morning and come home to dinner! I bought the bigger version - even with this some recipes for slow cooking are too big and have to be scaled down.

                                            My other is an Instant Pot. I also love rice in this. It has a stainless steel pot. The rice when cooked as pressure cooker is good and done quickly! You will need to pay attention to the ratio of rice to water stated in its manual. As a pressure cooker it as amazing! Love it. It too has with stood the test of time.

                                            It is somewhat true that you get what you pay for. I was hesitant to pay for both these machines but am so happy I did. No non-stick in our house! Love them both.

                                            1. re: bemafu

                                              Glad you like the Vitaclay. I have seen reviews where some people (would they have broken insert) and fortune for new? Anyhow, few reviews said stay away from but. I think this goes with any thing you buy. I have not found anything without several 5 (not happy) reviews. I just look out for when it gets into the hundreds, ha. The Instant pot I am not familiar with. Will look it up. I have 2 rice cookers and both are super. But I need to look for the names, ha. Mr. AlCE and Arona. I probably spelled these wrong. They are both super. The 6 cup Mr. ALCE is the best. But the Arona works super too.

                                              1. re: Tinkerbell

                                                The Mr. ALCE is Miracle Rice Cooker named (see under Amazon). They are super.