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Sep 19, 2006 07:14 PM

Need recs for Saturday dinner close to MIT in Cambridge

I am taking my mother and my 16 year old son to Boston and we will be staying at the Cambridge Residence Inn. We won't have a car. I am looking for a restaurant close to the hotel for Saturday night because by dinnertime, my mother will probably be very tired from a day of walking. It also has to be a casual dress place (but please no fast food joint!) otherwise my crazy mother will refuse to go. I think everyone is open to just about anything except for heavily fried foods! Have any ideas?

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  1. Welcome to Boston! The neighborhood you're staying in is called Kendall Square and if you do a search on it, you'll turn up lots of suggestions. The Blue Room is pretty good and very close (1/2 mile).

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      Many Thanks! Just did a search and lots of things turned up. That Blue room sounds great from the web site. Any particularly interesting item to try on their menu?

    2. if you want fancy, Rendezvous, about 1/2 mile up MASS Ave - Mary Chung for good chinese food, about the same distance - Zuzus for middle eastern food (all on mass ave and about the same distance) - actually a lot of choices - Main Street off MA avenue will offer other options and is also about the same distance - i think there is a good brazilian churrascaria place even closer, but i don't know its name

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        True enough. There are many more choices, both fancy and casual, in Central Square (as a search will discover) which is about a mile up the road from where they are staying. In addition, the hotel is about a 30 second walk from the T (subway) so the return from Central Square could be by T if they're too tired.

        In fact on the T, they could easily access any of the places in Harvard, Porter, or Davis Squares and/or anything near the Common downtown. That's a bit overwhelming in terms of choice, though, and she (he?) did ask for something near the hotel...

      2. If you want something really close, Blue Room, Mulan for Taiwanese, even the Cambridge Brewing Company for burgers and decent microbrews. The East Coast Grill, in Inman Square is about a mile away too, always excellent. Oleana is close, though I really can't say I liked it, others rave.

        1. Legal Seafoods is a Boston classic, very good seafood in traditional and current styles. It's very nice inside, good for all ages, and convenient to the T. It's busy with business meetings during the week but more family oriented on weekends. Their Kendall Square restaurant is my favorite, right in the center of MIT, a sort of spectacular area.

          1. Two of my favorites are in the area: Oleana and Salts. Both are relatively pricey, but worth it, especially if your mom is paying!

            Slighly more casual and cheaper, the Blue Room is also good.

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              Oleana is one of my favorites, but it's a bit far for walking from Kendall with Mom, and not easy to reach on public transportation. If it's all about the food, this would be my #1 recommendation for Cambridge, but not if convenience is a priority.