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???? Kitchen Aid Steam Assist Oven ????

I'm redesigning my kitchen and replacing all the appliances. Right now I think I'd like the KA Steam Assist oven for bread making but I can't plan my whole kitchen around it on the *hope* that it performs like I think it *should*.

Does someone have any practical knowledge of it? I'd be so grateful for your thoughts on how it does bread and how it performs all the other range-top and baking/roasting functions.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I see you have had no replies. I am very disappointed - when I saw your post I was very excited to see someone else is asking the exact same question as I am.

    Anyone out there used the KA Steam oven yet??????

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    1. re: just julie

      Would the manufacturer provide you with references from buyers? These ovens are expensive, $4000+. I am assuming you'd want results like professional bakeries get.

      1. re: blue room

        No. I've spoken to a KA rep. They'll tell me how *fabulous* it is, of course, but they won't connect me to anywhere where one is in use and they don't do demos.

      2. re: just julie

        Consumer reports reviewed a KA oven with steamassist, but said that "this feature failed to impress."

        1. re: blue room

          Can you point me at that? I check Consumer Reports but only found the Architech series reviewed.

          1. re: rainey

            Consumer Reports, search KDRP707R [SS]
            It is Architect series, but the info quotes: "comes with simmer plate and steam assist for oven cooking."

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          Here is a link to the KA forum. There is a KA host, but regular people too. http://forum.kitchenaid.com/ Recipes and info for steamassist.

        3. I have the GE Advantium Speed Cook oven and it has CHANGED my life!!!

          I won't move now because I don't know how I could live without it. I never use my Wolf except to bake!

          Check it out!!!!

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            What does the advantium do? I'm looking for artisan bread baking and that's why the steam feature (I'm hoping it's steam injection) of the KA is appealing.

          2. No, I'm sorry. The one thing the advantium does not do well is bake.

            It is a combination microwave and halogen oven and is about the size of built in micro. It can be used as microwave on it's own or kind of like a toaster oven but it's real genious is how it speed cooks by alternating the 2 in a program.

            I use it for whole chickens (that come out great) and all different kinds of meal preparations but I don't like the way baked goods come out.

            1. I purchased a kitchen aid range with steam assist. I found Kitchen aid to be absolutely horrible with assistance and repair. It is a dual convection oven and the only reason I purchased this model was for the steam assist and proofing (for bread) The steam assist was broken and it took approximately a month to get the expensive oven to work right. However, once working well I love the steam assist.

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              1. re: paturso

                Whoa! Not so encouraging. Still, I think I'm going to go for it.

                Besides using the steam assist feature for bread, do you use it for meat or some other application?

                1. re: paturso

                  I wanted to say thanks again for sharing your experience.

                  I'm going to order it. But I'll be prepared to expect the road bumps in the early going and know I have to be aggressive about getting them ironed out so I can have the bread making experience I'm buying it for. At least with your advice, I'm forearmed and know how to proceed.

                2. Have you checked out gardenweb.com yet? Their appliance forum may be of some help to you.

                  Second hand info supports the lousy customer service info you've already received. A friend waited eons for assistance for her new KA stove that was incorrectly calibrated and diddled around for months before hiring her own repair person. So far, KA has not acknowledged her letters, inc. the bill.

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                  1. re: Sherri

                    If you're asking me, then "yes" I have posted an inquiry there too but not had any responses there. There don't seem to be many people who have tried this new technology yet.

                    I have a good price on all of the appliances I'll need from adealer at some distance from my house who will store them all until I'm ready for installation. But maybe I will buy the oven, alone, from another dealer closer to me who are very good about standing behind what they sell on the hope I can get them to share any potential startup problems with me or, at least, interface with KA. If it comes to that, I'm sure they'll get more attention and response from KA than a mere consumer would.

                    Bottom line, KA is the only dealer who has steam injection in a residential oven so I'm afraid I'm going to have to be prepared for the repairs and adjustments for the sake of my bread.

                    1. re: rainey

                      Have you tried to get the name of the local KA rep? Someone must be repping this line and able to get answers for you. Perhaps the "good guy" appliance store can be of help. Talking to an actual person, who likely has some experience with the steam injection oven, would be a bonus. If you get a GS-1 dud, ask for the name of his/her boss and talk to him/her. Certainly the big boys (Viking, Dacor, etc) have training for their reps, so KA likely has seminars etc for their sales force. Someone in your area must have been given demos, info, etc. If you strike out ("yeah, I went to that but slept through it") keep plugging. Last resort -- try calling their customer service to get the name from them. Maybe you'll even luck out with names of customers and you can speak to them directly about their experience. Please let us know how this goes.

                      1. re: Sherri

                        Thanks for the thoughts. Naturally, I spoke to the appliance dealers to try to get that info. They unanimously said they didn't know a thing about them because they were just starting to list that particular oven in their stock. None of them was willing to put me in touch with their KA reps.

                        I *did* speak to a KA technical rep who said they did no demos in my area (Los Angeles so this is particularly surprising) and only had the "company line" to offer. The kitchen designer I'm working with wasn't able to get any more out of KA either.

                        That's why paturso's experience is *particularly* valuable. I'm not thrilled with what it is but at least he/she was eventually able to work out the kinks and is getting good bread from the steam assist feature. And going into it aware of what the shakedown may be like will, at least, keep me from going berserk at the first set of problems and adjustments.

                  2. Hi Rainey,
                    I found this thread and wondered if you ever purchased the steam assisted oven from KA.
                    I'm also looking at this oven for my kitchen reno and would appreciate your insights.

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                    1. re: jdavies

                      I purchased the KDRP707R Steam ASSist range and am very disappointed not only with the customer service but also they way this product works. The 4 stove top burners are a dream (15K BTU each) but the oven is a disaster. In any oven on mode (convect or not), a very strong and somewhat loud fan kicks in (when the oven temp is greater than 190 deg) and blows uncomforatable hot air out above the top of the oven door. Before turning the oven on the kitchen temperatur is 74 deg. Just ten minutes later 84 deg. According to KA and their user manual, this is a feature! Reality is, the cooling is necessary because they mounted the electronics above the oven door. It says so in their Use & Care guide (page 32). Oh and for added kicks, this nuclear fan stays on for 45 minutes after you shut off the stove! I can't imagine how hot things would get if we put it to self clean! We have a fairly large kitchen 18 x 20 and used to entertain guests mostly in this area. Can't do so now. Even the service guy who KA sent said "this is stupid".

                      KA "Customer Care" should be more like "Customer be Aware". Rude, abrupt, not caring and most to note, won't escalate your issues/concerns to higher level decision maker. We installed and tested the range the same day it was delivered on May 30. Since then we have been trying to return the unit for full refund. We also purchased a KA KUDU03FT dishwasher for $1.5K (delivered the same day). It arrived defective... something wrong with the door switch. Service guy came to fix... needs a part but 2 weeks later... still no working dishwasher. By the way.. I paid for new and am now getting a repaired washer.

                      I am a sales director for a very large Japanese electronics manufacturer and know, from time to time, even the best of factories can make a dog or defective product. The key is how that manufacturer deals with the end customer. Had this been one of my customers, we would have suggested an alternate product or refunded the customer. Knowing what I know now, if I get my way, nothing in my house will carry the Kitchenaid or Whirlpool brand. I suggest, knowing what you know now, you do the same.

                      Oh and by the way... read the User/Care manual before you buy any of their range products... The few I read all said they have the same thing about "normal to have fan running all the time"... I'm assuming any of their products with electronics mounted above the door will carry the same "heat your house" feature.

                      1. re: B_Bunzie

                        Well I also had the fan problem cost several hundred dollars to fix, then today we had a fire (electrical) below the stove top above the oven I assument to the automatic ignite, fire dept police the whole nine yards so I have had this oven for 1.5 years and it has been a dissaster, everytime you turn the corner it gets worse and worse and worse Like my experience with all the Kitchen Aid appliances

                    2. I have a Kitchen Aid Steam Assist Range and while I agree that Kitchen Aid's customer service was terrible and at first the computerized brain of this extremely high tech contraption was dead and needed to be replaced---I have never never been so happy with a range. It is wonderful! Everything comes out perfectly, moist and juicy poultry, wonderful crust on bread, cornbeef and cabbage cooked in the oven lickety split--the best ever! Roast beef with a crust, juicy inside--- FAST! I love it! Also the burners 15,000 btu each are fabulous. And after the initial problem it has been very reliable. There is nothing like it for bread and no more water baths for baked custards or cheesecakes. And souffles---it's wonderful.

                      1. Rainey - It's been a year and a half since your post. Did you get the KA Steam-Assist? It sounded like you were set on it, despite the naysayers. How do you like it? Is it delivering on the artisanal bread? Worth the hastle (if any)?

                        We're also considering it, for personal breadmaking, and have had a hard time finding reviews. Even now, in early 2008!
                        Thanks much!

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                        1. re: mjbakes

                          Wow! When I was interested in it it seemed like I was the only one. I'm astounded to come back here so much later and find that others were considering it too.

                          No. I didn't get it.

                          The tiny bit of info I got was that Customer Relations weren't good. Astounding! I've had only *great* response from KA on small appliances. But I called KA to try to get more info and find out what opportunity there might be to see one in operation. No luck! The person I talked to couldn't have been less interested in selling at the consumer level. That was enough to set me off in another direction.

                          We ended up with a Wolf and did it at just about the time Lahey or Sullivan Street Bakery bread became all the rage. Baking inside hot sealed containers solved the problem completely!

                          I did get a KA fridge and my back up oven and microwave are KA because I figured they'll be easy enough to get repaired and/or replaced. And, as I said, I've only had *terrific* experiences with KA on them. And saving on those made the Wolf possible.

                          I'm *thrilled* with the Wolf and sure I made the right decision.

                          Here's some bread I just baked last week. http://www.flickr.com/photos/75667634...

                        2. I LOVED the oven for the no-knead bread and cooking fish and chicken. However, the darn thing took YEARS to preheat. The interior is a fabulous cobalt blue and the extended pull-out racks were nice. The broiler caught on fire twice, way too hot compared to what I am used to (also a Kitchenaid that I've been very happy with for 4 years.) Tested it, maybe they worked out the bugs...

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                          1. re: mabe123

                            I'm looking into the KitchenAid steam assist double wall ovens and after reading all these posts, wonder if its a good idea. Do they brown the food well? Does anyone's bread really have a great crust? Does the fan really blow hot air out into the kitchen? Any thoughts would be great. Its a chunk of change. In my last house I had a 6 burner Viking duel fuel range that I still dream about, except the oven that was constantly needing to be repaired. I'm looking for a more reliable oven. Thanks for any thoughts.

                            1. re: knead2know

                              Given the negative reviews on boards such as this I almost decided against it, but I did it anyway. I bought a combination version with the convection oven/microwave and the steam assist full oven and have been really enjoying it. I have done bread several times and the crust is really crusty. I did a chocolate souffle last night that was perfect. I've also done steamed vegetables, roasted garlic, roasted tomatos, cookies, etc. I've also done pizza several times. So far I am completely happy. Hearing the steam injector go on when I choose for it to is like music to my ears. Heat does vent into the kitchen and the steam is released through the same vent, but it seems just like a normal oven to me in that regard. This weekend I will try roasting a chicken. I look forward to custards and cheesecake with no water bath and to roasts with no basting. I will post my experiences periodically to this string since I had so many of the same questions. Regarding customer service... I haven't had negative experiences yet. The kitchen aid forum mentions a cookbook that comes with the range, but it wasn't included with the oven. I e-mailed customer service about this and they responded within a day. They needed my model and registration number which I provided and within a few hours I had another e-mail notifying me that they were sending me the cookbook. Maybe if I needed a repair things would be different, but so far my experience with customer service via e-mail couldn't be better.

                              1. re: ebake

                                Follow up to last post. I did roast the chicken with steam assist and it was very moist with a really nicely browned skin. Chicken satay was also very moist. Today I did my first dessert. Creme Brulee... with NO water bath! I remain impressed. It does take a long time to come up to temperature, but well worth the wait. Particularly good for a crusty bread.

                                1. re: ebake

                                  I just purchased a KA built in oven and will receive it tomorrow, but I already saw something on the manual that I don't like at all, the probe and timer, on this $2,700 oven can't shut off the oven when the food is ready, it will only blink and beep like a cheap timer, when all the rest of the less expensive KA line can shut off the oven at the end of the cycle....... Is it me or is just ridiculous and a big show stopper that such expensive oven has to be manually stopped?

                          2. I have a KA Steam Assist Oven/Speed Cook Oven combo and don't know how I ever lived without them. I love Kitchen Aid.

                            1. I am a little surprised to see several negative comments. I have this oven, and I LOVE it. Turkeys are absolutely amazing when roasted using the steam function. It did take a while to receive the oven, but once I did, I have not had any problems. My biggest problem now is that I am moving to a house where I am remodeling the kitchen. I am selecting Wolf and Sub-Zero for the stovetop and fridge, but I am leaning towards a KA steam injection convection oven again for one of the ovens. I was disappointed to see that the higher end brands did not offer a full size steam oven and the ones they offered were not connected to a water supply. (You have to put a cup of water into the oven each time. Not a huge deal, but it is another step.)

                              I will agree that I wish the buzzer alarming that the internal temp could have been louder. Seems like I usually do not hear it. There is a fan that runs quite a bit when the oven is on. The non-steam KA convection did this too. It never bothered me, but I can see where some would not care for the added heat in the room.

                              Nonetheless, I love this oven.

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                              1. re: tiarabear

                                I am interested in the KA Steam Assist Oven but cannot find dimensions on the water filtration system for cabinet planning. Can someone help? Thanks.

                                1. re: GRAVIS

                                  I will ask our contractor who installed it. The oven fit into the same space as the 30" KA Convection oven that was previously there. The contractor added the water line to our fridge (which is next to the oven) and then drilled through the cabinet to connect with the back of the stove. We only had to move out the fridge about an inch and a half. In the brochure, you could also draw the water line from the sink. Did you click on the oven on KA's website? The installation manual should be there.

                                  1. re: tiarabear

                                    I have the manual. It shows a picture of the water reservoir and filter and the connections but does not mention the dimensions. I asked KA and they tolld me it was a 2 liter reservoir but did not have dimensions. My kitchen is a galley style kitchen witha a 6 foot island down the center. The refrigerator and sink are on the opposite wall from the range and oven. There is a pot filler over the range which is where the new water connection will be made. Did you run a direct line between the refrierator and oven? My understanding was I needed to connect in the filter/reservoir unit and provide a location for it, but I have not been able to find how much space I will need. Thanks.

                              2. I'm remodeling right now and deciding between the Wolf E series oven and the KitchenAid Dual Convection with Steam Assist (KEBU107SSS). Can anyone offer recent experience with either? Thanks in advance.

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                                1. re: pita292

                                  I posted the original inquiry. I ended up with the Wolf Dual Fuel and I've been extremely happy with it. What's more, the Lahey method of baking bread in a preheated enclosed pot has completely eliminated the need for the steam injection. Was I a lucky girl that he came out with his method just about the time I was remodeling my kitchen?!

                                  If you're not familiar with the Lahey method it was part of his no-knead bread concept that revolutionized bread making a couple years ago. I have found that the hot pot business works equally well with wet no-knead dough and conventional shaped dough. The enclosed pot creates an environment in which the dough "steams" itself as it bakes. The crust is incomparable!

                                  And it's my guess, that not having steam in the oven enclosure will eliminate the potential problem of having leaking steam gumming up electronics as the steam I used to generate with things like a skillet and hot water did to my old oven.

                                  Bottom line: I'd go with the Wolf again for the reasons above and because of the total lack of response I got from KA when I made my inquiries a couple years ago. LOVE their small appliances and I have a conventional KA wall oven as my back up but I don't think the basic functions of a KA oven are the equivalent of Wolf's and the steam injection is now unnecessary.

                                  1. re: pita292

                                    I recently purchased a KDRP707 dual fuel steam assisted convection range from KitchenAid.
                                    I have found customer service to be helpful and love the results I get with the oven. Have cooked bread, poultry. Have not yet cooked desserts, but am a big fan of the range. I read the negative reports but have always found KA to deliver solid performance in mixers and now my range.
                                    Hope this helps.

                                  2. I have one when its working it is great but I have had it repaired several times control board wiring harness 3 broiler units

                                    1. I have one and the first time or 2 that I used the steam assist, it worked well. The next time I tried to use it, it didn't seem to be releasing any water.. Only a dry heat that didn't do my cauliflower any favors.. I will try again and post the results. I tried to research the steam assist option before buying my KA.. found very little in the way of reviews. Not ready to give up on it yet as I made an amazing pizza crust when I first used it...