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Nov 22, 2004 11:47 PM

El Yucateco, SF?

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Any updates on El Yucateco?


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  1. I have been a couple of times, and have only had the poc chuc from my recollection. The tortillas are good. The owners are very pleasant. I asked for a spicy salsa one day, as the one on the table is not very hot. After shaking his head that a "guera" would want something spicy, he brought out a fire habanero sauce. Pretty one-dimensional sauce, but it did the trick. I love their black beans ... the watery soupy concoction that I get here and Mi Lindo Yucatan. The poc-chuc itself is fairly good, though I think that Mi Lindo Yucatan (Valencia street) does better -- here I didn't get as much of the grilled flavor that I do from the Mi Lindo Yucatan rendition. They have a rather extensive Mexican menu (burritos, etc) which I have not tried.

    I would return. Especially if I needed a bite to eat before the movies - this is right around the corner from the AMC 1000.