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Sep 19, 2006 06:29 PM

Gourmet Carousel - Not a Pleasant Ride

A few weeks ago I gave the GC a spin and have to say I was a bit disappointed. I am hoping that I just had a bad outing, but wanted to report that the food was not fresh and it was overly greasy and of a generally poor quality.

The best recommendations were definitely the Long Life noodles and the crispy chicken, but the mongolian beef was inedible. The fried squab was not great either, but to be fair we did eat take out and perhaps it declined significantly en route.

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  1. I walk by GC several times a week (I live between it and WF) and I must say, there are some posts on this board that make me want to try it-- and others that make me less enthused at the prospect. Thanks for your report!

    1. I would say it's inconsistant. I went once for the duck and craved it for motnhs before I made it back and had the greasiest duck ever. When it's on it's decent and a great value.

      1. Very very true. But like most restaurants, they are a few they do well, and most are average to below average. Many people give great glowing reviews, fine. But for me, I do find their dishes to be overly salty, greasy, and gravalious? gravy gravy... I would stand clear of the chow mian (mein), chow fun, and all those other all-in-one kind of dishes.

        Of course no complaints about their prices.

        A few of my favorites and these are about the only things I really order and/or try: salt and pepper pork chops (on the salty side), green beans (they have some dried baby shrimps, some dried root/daikon, etc.), clams, brocolli/garlic, pea shoots. That's about it.

        The wontons are cheap, but then again, there's no shrimp, and the filling is mainly just pork. I order the chicken won ton soup for $4.00 when I need something a tad more healthy.