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Alameda - Japanese - Sushi - "Sushi House"


Sushi House, on the North shore of Alameda, is a genre breaking restaurant. Top-notch fish, generous portions, fair prices and a broad menu are the key differentiators at this unique eatery.

First, some background. I was eating sushi when sushi wasn’t cool. In preparation for taking a trip to the 1970 World’s Fair in Osaka, my parents shoveled me and my 5 brothers and sisters into the Vista Cruiser and drove us to Chicago to eat authentic Japanese food.

Raised in Indiana, my idea of exotic was sparkling water. The thought of raw fish was anathema. It’s what you made the kid who reminded the teacher about homework assignments eat. Stealing the occasional dog biscuit was OK, but icks-nay on the ish-fay.

After the histrionics were over (and I’d like to apologize AGAIN to the owners of the Kamahachi Sushi Restaurant in Old Town Chicago), we finally actually tried it. And to this day, every one of us is a huge fan.

I’ve eaten at sushi bars from NYC to Stuttgart. I’ve eaten sushi 500 yards from the Tsukiji fish market in the early morning after it closes. I’ve tucked in at all you can eat joints (NOT recommended), little boat in a moat joints and one place where you don’t order at all (little works of art are brought to you one at a time and are explained to you in excruciating detail before you chow down). I’m no gormet (uni still gives me the creeps), but I know good when I taste it, and Sushi House is better than good.

OK, back to Sushi House. My wife and I were noodling around Alameda and ran into this place at dinner time. What surprised us first is how big it is. It’s the size of a Sizzler. The façade and interior are modern and unfussy. Every time we’ve been there (a dozen times so far) between 5:30 and 9:00 it’s been packed. You sign up for a table or a place at the sushi bar on a sheet of paper and a harried hostess mispronounces your name and leads you to your table. Even at peak times it hasn’t been more than a 15 minute wait.

The menu is multiple pages. They serve all kinds of sushi, but their specialty rolls are a cut above. My favorite of these is the Bay Scallop Roll “crab meat & avocado topped with baked scallops and house special sauce”. It comes out warm and the scallops are perfectly done. That one roll and maybe a hand-roll chaser will do nicely for a meal, as the roll sizes are quite large.

I normally order the Chirashi Sushi "an assortment of Sashimi over sushi rice". For fourteen bucks you get a ton of fish over plenty of rice, some miso and a small Japanese salad. More times than not they throw in some edamame.

I think one of the reasons the fish is so fresh and of such quality is volume. They are serving 150 people (my guess) with a much higher table turn-over than normal. I don’t think anything is left for the next day!

Final tally:
Food: 8 (excellent quality, generous portions, rockin’ specialty rolls
)Service: 5 (they move you along and are far from attentive to things like water)
Price: 5 (low prices for the quality)
Ambiance: 6 (bright and airy, right on the water, but utilitarian)

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  1. The reason it's so big is that the building was originally a Lyon's. I've heard pretty negative reviews of Sushi House, but it sounds like it really depends on what you're looking for. Obviously, you're not going to get personal attention from an expert sushi master, but if that's not your scene, then it's apparently a good (and popular) option.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I agree with the personal service part. Even if you sit at the sushi bar, there is zero interaction with the chefs, who are feeding the 40 tables behind you in the main dining room.

    2. You know, I really like Sushi House too. Although it does get dissed by many on this board, the fish is undeniably fresh. It is admittedly not the quality experience people look for at Kiss or Sushi Sho. But Sushi House is a low budget sushi thrill for me these days. I'm on a tight budget right now but my husband and I have figured out how to get out of Sushi House with full bellies for only $20!!! The rolls are almost the size of burritos. It is my favorite indulgence these days.

      1. although i do like this place. it's not worth the ridiculous wait. cheap well made rolls and a huge selection is their pitch.

        1. Time and time again, I've said to myself that I wouldn't go back. The wait (always over an hour) and the service (terrible) has been tremedous. But we still keep going back. Maybe we're a glutton for punishment but the sushi has been pretty good for a reasonable price.

          1. It's a shame that Sushi House,with its prime South Shore location and obviously quality eats, just can't cope with
            the service issues that continue to give it a notoriously bad rap. A dining room manager with about 10 more waitpersons
            ought to help things, but it's doubtful if the owners would spring for that, so Sushi House continues to drown in its own success. But- there's always Angelfish.

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            1. re: alameda fats

              Skimping on service is probably how they keep the prices low.

            2. A large number of people say this is the place to be, however except a long wait from what everyone is telling me.

              1. I like Sushi House in Alameda the food is good the service is hit or miss but the prices are right on. I usually go right after work around 5pm so I beat the dinner crowd. If I go any later then that you can bet I'll be waiting 30+ mins for a table. If I want a fancy Japanese place I'll go to Ozumo's in downtown SF, but even there the service is hit or miss!!!

                Bottom line I would recommend Sushi House to anyone.

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                1. re: TakoShabba

                  Thanks for the update. Do you have any favorite dishes there?

                  Sushi House
                  2375 Shoreline Dr, Alameda, CA 94501

                2. On an island that contains Angelfish, Yume, and even Kamakura, I have no idea why anyone would ever go to Sushi House. Crowded, terrible service, mediocre fish.

                  Then again, I like traditional sashimi and nigiri, not giant $12 kitchen sink rolls topped with pencil shavings and RC Cola.

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                    i agree w/ hollow leg. after the horrendous serviced we got a couple days ago, when it wasn't even peak eating hours, my husband and i finally said never again. for some reason i was super thirsty, and i couldn't get anyone to bring water. couldn't find our server, asked another server for water who never brought it, finally had to go get my own. no tea refills for the entire meal, no check-back from the server to see if we needed anything for the whole meal. we have gone a few times when i am afraid that other sushi places are too expensive for the moment, but i'm just not sure that it is *that* much cheaper for 2 people. and the food is really nothing special at all. maybe for quantity on a bento box, but quality, average at best.
                    one positive thing: when we went with friends who have a two-year old making a mess, in the lyons/sizzler setting, i didn't feel too bad.

                    1. re: hellion7

                      precisely the reason why I don't go back if I can help it.

                    2. re: Hollow Leg

                      I recently at at Yume and walked away convinced that I had eaten at the best sushi restaurant ever for the price. I had been accustomed to the sushi at A's on Piedmont and Ebisu in SF. Yume's chef what I imagine as the sushi experience. friendly, makes the sushi just for you. The fresh fish dwarfs the rice. The other places I am used to have a small piece of fish on top of large wad of rice. This has so much fish you cannot see any rice.

                      The fish drapes over the rice so it appears like its all rice. The chef guides you to use your fingers not chop sticks to eat this fabulous morsels. You get fish that is extremely fresh and somewhat unique.

                      My only reservation of making this comment is that I don't want this place to be over crowded. There was no waiting on a Thursday and I would hate to have CHers crowd me out. But if you want the real thing, you got to go to Yume's.