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Sep 19, 2006 06:25 PM

Need some help for Valley Lunch

I want to take my wife somewhere new and not to expensive for Lunch this Sat. in the Valley. Somewhere between 405 and the 5 south of 118. Probably going to do a lunch and movie type of deal. She can be picky, I was thinking Italian, Steakhouse, or really good Chinese. Here's the catch, No more than $50 for the two of us. Thanks guys.

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  1. We don't have any really great Chinese between the 405 and the 5 and south of the 118, unfortunately. But you could go to Spumoni on Ventura west of Van Nuys.

    1. One of my favorite italian places is Il Tiramisu, also on Ventura Blvd, west of Woodman. Really delicious italian, very cute and quaint ambiance and the prices can't be beat. Especially for lunch! Most entrees are ~ $11. I recommend the Farfalle con Pollo e Vitello.

      1. Thought I would bump with addition, Some place close to Burbank because thats where the movie is playing.

        1. For Italian, I'd also recommend Spumoni on Ventura--the gnocchi bar is great. There's also Mazzarino's on Riverside at Coldwater--amazing arabiatta sauce.

          No great Chinese food in the area that I'm aware of, but there is great Thai food in North Hollywood: Sri Siam at Coldwater Canyon & Vanowen. The best Tom Kah Kai I've ever tasted, and a really incredible specialty dish called crispy rice salad that shouldn't be missed.

          If you want to stay in Burbank, enjoy Chipotle, or Fuddruckers.

          1. Not Italian, Chinese or a steakhouse, but Chadaka Thai is surprisingly good and elegant, especially given that it's in *yikes* downtown Burbank.