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Restaurant Cooking Classes

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does anyone know of hands-on cooking classes in Boston Restaurants?

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  1. Hi SGEM,

    Please take a look at the link to the responses when I asked this: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. The Elephant Walk offers cooking classes, too.

      1. Here is a listing to some food events that include cooking classes:


        1. I took a cooking class at the Elephant Walk in Cambridge.
          While the Chef and the menu were excellent, there was literally no room for any real hands on cooking.

          I was told by one of the other people in the class, that kitchen size is almost impossible to find in a restaurant.

          Someone else in the class mentioned doing a class at a local Cooking School. Didn't catch a name, but I think there are a couple of colleges in Cambridge/Boston that may offer.

          We were able to sit down for a wonderful French three course dinner with Chef Gerard, however; he prepared it!

          1. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts offers a huge variety of hands on cooking classes for the non-professional chef. You get personal instruction, great experience, you usually meet new people and you get to eat what has been cooked I believe they will make special arrangments for large groups. I have taken a lot of classes there and never been disappointed, Most recently I did an Asian class which I thoroughly enjoyed. They have several kitchens all set up for instruction. Great fun. Their website is www.cambridgeculinary.com. Check it out.

            1. I don't know if you're looking for the actual experience of cooking in a restaurant kitchen, or you would just like to cook with the chef of a good restaurant. If it's the later, you should check out the BCAE. They have a Celebrity Chef series, where local celebrity chef comes to their kitchen and teaches a cooking class. Note the Celebrity Chef series tends to be more demonstration than hands on. But the nice thing is you get to eat what they cook.

              1. I've checked out a lot of the cooking-in-boston class options. The restaurant classes are nice, I took one at Elephant Walk. Like the poster above, though, my experience was that there wasn't a ton of hands-on experience, and also, we worked in small groups, so I didn't get to really see how some of the dishes were prepared. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts I haven't visited yet, because it's really quite expensive, but the kitchens look awesome and I'm sure it's a great experience. I prefer the cooking classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education over the Cambridge Center - they're about the same price and the BCAE seems to have more variety/ I've just liked the classes better. The Celebrity Chefs series is very much demonstration, and you get a little taste of things but not a full meal. It's held at the Fairmont Copley. The other cooking classes at the BCAE are really hands-on and you feast! I've really enjoyed my classes with Diane Manteca (Italian) and Joyce Della Chiesa (Mediterranean), Bon Koo (sushi making - he owns Sea to You), and Wichian ?? (thai cooking - with a field trip to Chinatown!). Good luck, and let us know what you decide.

                1. taranta does group classes -- are you looking for an individual experience?