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Sep 19, 2006 06:08 PM

Restaurant Cooking Classes

does anyone know of hands-on cooking classes in Boston Restaurants?

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  1. Hi SGEM,

    Please take a look at the link to the responses when I asked this:

    1. The Elephant Walk offers cooking classes, too.

      1. Here is a listing to some food events that include cooking classes:

        1. I took a cooking class at the Elephant Walk in Cambridge.
          While the Chef and the menu were excellent, there was literally no room for any real hands on cooking.

          I was told by one of the other people in the class, that kitchen size is almost impossible to find in a restaurant.

          Someone else in the class mentioned doing a class at a local Cooking School. Didn't catch a name, but I think there are a couple of colleges in Cambridge/Boston that may offer.

          We were able to sit down for a wonderful French three course dinner with Chef Gerard, however; he prepared it!

          1. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts offers a huge variety of hands on cooking classes for the non-professional chef. You get personal instruction, great experience, you usually meet new people and you get to eat what has been cooked I believe they will make special arrangments for large groups. I have taken a lot of classes there and never been disappointed, Most recently I did an Asian class which I thoroughly enjoyed. They have several kitchens all set up for instruction. Great fun. Their website is Check it out.