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Sep 19, 2006 06:00 PM

Best wine selection at a wine shop/ liquor store in KC?

In your opinion, KC Chowhounds, who has the best selection of wine in Kansas City? I'm looking for shops, not restaurants. We're hoping to be able to find some of the wines we had in British Columbia, but haven't had much luck yet; granted, I haven't tried that many places yet either.

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  1. You should check out Cellar Rat at 16th and Baltimore in the Crossroads. Great selection and wonderful wine accessories. They also have a very nice selection of charcuterie and food items.
    It's a charming place. It's not a large "super store" type place, but a shop with very well thought out selections. I can't imagine getting a mediocre bottle of anything there.

    1. I always liked Rimann Liquor on 87th in Lenexa and like their newer shop in Prairie Village even better.

      Over the years, I've often found wines there that I'd enjoyed in other parts of the country. Sometimes they can get certain wines for you if you request but Kansas liquor laws are strict and liquor merchants can only order those products that are on the state approved list (unless that law has changed since I last had occasion to have a request denied due to the law).

      An interesting website with info about wine, Rimann's Wine (and Beer, too) Club, and a calendar of upcoming wine events around the metro. Marshall Rimann does a weekly radio show on KMBZ on Saturdays at 1 p.m.

      I've also had good luck getting interesting wines at Gomer's at 39th and Broadway and at 99th and Holmes.

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        Rimanns events listing is a year old.

      2. try talking to Alan at Royal Liquor- 103 / State Line- you'll find your luck there

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          If that's the same Alan, it's good to hear he's still at Royal at 103rd! I was going to suggest that shop but wasn't sure who was handling wine there now. If it IS the same Alan I knew some time back, he'd been the sommelier at Pierpont's in its early days. Very knowledgeable fellow.

          Some of the other Royal shops are dreadful.

        2. I think there's a Lucas on State Line around 119th or just South of there. If I'm thinking right, they offer wine tasting and small plates in a cafe like setting. If I'm totally wrong the Lucas at 119th just West of Metcalf has a nice selection

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            There's another Luca's just a little east of 135 st/Stateline area in the shopping mall with the Pizza Shoppe(argh, restaurant names that end in "shoppe" irritate me) Gordman's, Michael's and PartyAmerica. When they first opened, they were a tiny bit cheaper than the Lucas on 119 st to get people to come. I'm not sure if that is the case now. It maybe an illusion because the 135 st store is all one big open space as opposed to that split level room for better wines at 119 st, but it seems bigger than the 119 st location.

            Also, we've gotten some really nice wines at good prices at the Missouri Costco. But like many things at Costco, here today, gone tommorow. I think we've spent half our rebate check stocking up on wine alone.

          2. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone... will look into them this weekend!