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Sep 19, 2006 05:43 PM

Changes In Mount Dora Dining This Season

Get ready for holiday cheer and get out your wallets. MountDora is getting ready for the Holiday Season tourist.
This year there will be some distinct changes to our mountain dining selection.
Eduardo's Station,Home of the best drinks and worst mexican food in Florida will be closing this Holloween. This marks the end of an era. Gone will be the only reasonably priced drinks in downtown Mount Dora. You will have to pay at least $5 for a cocktail if you want one downtown from now on. Eduardo's is being taken over by it's freindly neighboor accross the street, The Frosty Mug. The Frosty Mug plans to turn the entire bottom floor into a big Icelandic Pub with a Jazz club in the upstairs lounge. I can't wait to see the end result! Thora and Maria run a decent operation when they get good help! The prices however, will be much higher.
I am still waiting to hear who will be taking over their old space in the basement of the renisance bldg.
Another change this season will be the opening of Fiesta Grande Mexican. They will be occupying the space that housed Molly Mallone's. Molly Mallone's is now in Deland.
Fiesta Grande will hopefully give MountDora a good place to eat mexican. They have already put a menu on their door and the prices look reasonable,,Especially at lunch. The menu doesn't feature many authentic dishes,,like fried talapia or breaded steak. Hopefully they'll know enough to use real mexican farmers cheese instead of colby or chedder to suit us gringo's. Hate it when people use cheddar cheese in mexican dishes!
Bella Dora is still closed with a "For Sale sign" and so has Cafe Stella on 441.
Picies Rising,The Gables,Palm Tree Grill and The Lakeside Inn are all expected to raise their prices after Oct. 1st, so get here now if you want a better priced meal in Mount Dora.
See you on the Mountain!

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  1. I don't believe the prices will be all that different when the Frosty Mug moves. I think they know they would lose a lot of their customer base if they upped the prices too much. As for the service there it's always been excellent and the food outstanding! I recommend it to anyone in the area.

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      1. First Dee,
        I didn't say it was the worst food in town. I said it was the worst MEXICAN food in FLORIDA. I also said Eduardo's has the BEST DRINKS in FLORIDA. I have also wrote on other post that I liked your hamburgers. is a place where people can research eating establishments before they visit MountDora. They're not going to be sucked in by a place on the corner that looks cool.
        If you have good food, I will write that. If you have bad food,,I will write that as well. I don't care if I am freinds with the owner or the employees.

        I personally am sad to see Eduardo's go. I will miss the reasonably priced strong drinks,the wings and Hamburgers. And the freindly staff! I will miss the live entertainment upstairs! I think that explains your longevity.
        When your own staff says the mexican food is bad,,,,,,,It's bad!

        PS.. I was wrong on the market price of Steak at the Frosty Mug. I said it was $32, but after pulling my receipts from last year at x-mas,, It was $30!
        Anyone who says Mount Dora resturants and bars don't raise their prices at x-mas hasn't eaten in MountDora around X-mas.
        Or,,,,they are telling a LIE!
        I only Dis mountdora places when they deserve it!

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        1. I'll throw in an amen for Eduardos. It looked cool, it was a nice place to get a cold beer after shopping. I ate there once and said never again. The argument that a restaurant stays open because the food is good is disproved time and again. How many times have you sen the sign "since 19--"
          and walked out wondering what makes people go back. I made the mistake of going to JC's Lobster Pot near Deland last week. It's been around for decades (based on decor and dirt on floor at least). It was packed with people and it was also one of the worst "seafood" dinners I have ever had.Portion pack soggy fried shrimp, tasteless broiled scallops, conch-less conch fritters. Portions were adequate and it was cheap. hence the crowd.

        2. Yeah, and just the opposite can occur as well. Take Jerrimiah's on 5th and Highland. I remember them as a bad place to eat. BUT,,,If you eat there now,,It's Good! New management/owners can make a bad place good.

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          1. re: mountdorahound

            AGREE 100%. I live in Downtown Mount Dora and have always avoided them. Went there the other night and was blown away. Not only was the decor top notch, up there with Fridays and Bennigans, but the food was as well. Service was wonderful. Even took friends there another night. Don't care care for the smoke in the back area at night with dancing, but smokers need their place and this is a great one for it. I will continue to be a patron from now on and suggest it easily to friends. Great Job.

          2. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about restaurants in Mt Dora. As for myself, I love the food at Eduardo's and have been a customer for many years and enjoy the food. The atmosphere is great and so is all the people that work there. Also the Frosty Mug's food is wonderful.
            Example..Some think Dom Perion is the best Champagne there is, while I think it is horrible! To each their own.