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Changes In Mount Dora Dining This Season

Get ready for holiday cheer and get out your wallets. MountDora is getting ready for the Holiday Season tourist.
This year there will be some distinct changes to our mountain dining selection.
Eduardo's Station,Home of the best drinks and worst mexican food in Florida will be closing this Holloween. This marks the end of an era. Gone will be the only reasonably priced drinks in downtown Mount Dora. You will have to pay at least $5 for a cocktail if you want one downtown from now on. Eduardo's is being taken over by it's freindly neighboor accross the street, The Frosty Mug. The Frosty Mug plans to turn the entire bottom floor into a big Icelandic Pub with a Jazz club in the upstairs lounge. I can't wait to see the end result! Thora and Maria run a decent operation when they get good help! The prices however, will be much higher.
I am still waiting to hear who will be taking over their old space in the basement of the renisance bldg.
Another change this season will be the opening of Fiesta Grande Mexican. They will be occupying the space that housed Molly Mallone's. Molly Mallone's is now in Deland.
Fiesta Grande will hopefully give MountDora a good place to eat mexican. They have already put a menu on their door and the prices look reasonable,,Especially at lunch. The menu doesn't feature many authentic dishes,,like fried talapia or breaded steak. Hopefully they'll know enough to use real mexican farmers cheese instead of colby or chedder to suit us gringo's. Hate it when people use cheddar cheese in mexican dishes!
Bella Dora is still closed with a "For Sale sign" and so has Cafe Stella on 441.
Picies Rising,The Gables,Palm Tree Grill and The Lakeside Inn are all expected to raise their prices after Oct. 1st, so get here now if you want a better priced meal in Mount Dora.
See you on the Mountain!

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  1. I don't believe the prices will be all that different when the Frosty Mug moves. I think they know they would lose a lot of their customer base if they upped the prices too much. As for the service there it's always been excellent and the food outstanding! I recommend it to anyone in the area.

    1. First Dee,
      I didn't say it was the worst food in town. I said it was the worst MEXICAN food in FLORIDA. I also said Eduardo's has the BEST DRINKS in FLORIDA. I have also wrote on other post that I liked your hamburgers.
      Chowhound.com is a place where people can research eating establishments before they visit MountDora. They're not going to be sucked in by a place on the corner that looks cool.
      If you have good food, I will write that. If you have bad food,,I will write that as well. I don't care if I am freinds with the owner or the employees.

      I personally am sad to see Eduardo's go. I will miss the reasonably priced strong drinks,the wings and Hamburgers. And the freindly staff! I will miss the live entertainment upstairs! I think that explains your longevity.
      When your own staff says the mexican food is bad,,,,,,,It's bad!

      PS.. I was wrong on the market price of Steak at the Frosty Mug. I said it was $32, but after pulling my receipts from last year at x-mas,, It was $30!
      Anyone who says Mount Dora resturants and bars don't raise their prices at x-mas hasn't eaten in MountDora around X-mas.
      Or,,,,they are telling a LIE!
      I only Dis mountdora places when they deserve it!

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        I'll throw in an amen for Eduardos. It looked cool, it was a nice place to get a cold beer after shopping. I ate there once and said never again. The argument that a restaurant stays open because the food is good is disproved time and again. How many times have you sen the sign "since 19--"
        and walked out wondering what makes people go back. I made the mistake of going to JC's Lobster Pot near Deland last week. It's been around for decades (based on decor and dirt on floor at least). It was packed with people and it was also one of the worst "seafood" dinners I have ever had.Portion pack soggy fried shrimp, tasteless broiled scallops, conch-less conch fritters. Portions were adequate and it was cheap. hence the crowd.

      2. Yeah, and just the opposite can occur as well. Take Jerrimiah's on 5th and Highland. I remember them as a bad place to eat. BUT,,,If you eat there now,,It's Good! New management/owners can make a bad place good.

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          AGREE 100%. I live in Downtown Mount Dora and have always avoided them. Went there the other night and was blown away. Not only was the decor top notch, up there with Fridays and Bennigans, but the food was as well. Service was wonderful. Even took friends there another night. Don't care care for the smoke in the back area at night with dancing, but smokers need their place and this is a great one for it. I will continue to be a patron from now on and suggest it easily to friends. Great Job.

        2. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about restaurants in Mt Dora. As for myself, I love the food at Eduardo's and have been a customer for many years and enjoy the food. The atmosphere is great and so is all the people that work there. Also the Frosty Mug's food is wonderful.
          Example..Some think Dom Perion is the best Champagne there is, while I think it is horrible! To each their own.

          1. That is what is cool about America!!

            Since i am a man of my word,,,I must share the experience i had a couple of nights ago at Vic's Embers.
            I have been there several times and enjoyed the experience so I thought I would go back.
            Bad Idea!!
            After being seated we were offered drinks and asked for the stuffed mushrooms to start out. they were good and so was the salads. Thet's when things started to go down hill. My guest ordered the shrimp pasta and I ordered a panfried grouper. Vics's boasts cooking pasta table side so a few minutes before my entree arrived the waitress pulls a cooking cart next to the table and starts to prepare our pasta. A cook she was not. She struggled with all of the utensils and had to excuse herself for letting her attached buzz away. What we wound up with was milk watery shrimp pasta! The grouper didn't fare much better. We complained and she agreed offering to start the table side cooking process all over again. We really didn't want to go thru that again so we turned down the offer.

            If you do go to vic's

            Order from the grill!!

            1. I truly believe that Thora and Maria will add a great charm to the Mount Dora area. They will bring what Pisces brought to us. It is excellent that someone that has made it well in Mount Dora and now is reinvesting back into the community. Removing a mediocre location and making it better. Who could ask for more. As for the old location, anyone heard anything regarding what will be going in there? Will be interesting, I am sure that they are in line to get it. Great location, great atomosphere and as unique as they come.

              1. I fully agree!It's about time Mount Dora had a place with Quality Food and entertainment in the same venue. Pisces usually has good food but the entertainment sometimes could be better. Thora and Maria know good entertainment! I've always enjoyed the entertainment at the frosty mug. Not only that,,Thora and Maria are Genuine Good People!

                1. I just heard that a Wine Cellar & Bistro is going in where Frosty Mug was. Perfect, does not compete with Thora and Maria and adds a new and interesting element to the downtown area. Hope it is true. Close enough to go back and forth.

                  1. Had dinner at The Gables this weekend and thought I would share.
                    It was my first time eating there. I had heard good and bad about the place. We were not that hungry so my companion and I split a dinner and apiteiser. The waiter informed us that there was usually a sharing charge but since we ordered an appiteiser he wouldn't charge us. Coool!
                    We decided to order the special Fresh catch Dish of Idaho rainbow trout topped with salmon and Shrimp. I am glad we did because it was good and the portion was pleanty.
                    The meal started with home baked sliced bread with a cup of clam chowder and both were good. Greek salad was an appitiser that sounded good and it was! We also chose veggies over the starch. What came to the table was a huge plate of fish. TWO filets of Idaho trout TWO pieces of salmon and TWO huge Jumbo shrimp in an olive oil/ basil /garlic sauce accompanied with a tasty slew of shredded carrots, corn and bell peppers cooked just right.
                    The only thing that could have been better was the piped in elevator music. Other than that,,the meal was a winner!

                    1. Update on Mount Dora. Thora and Maria from the Frosty Mug close on the new place, or the old Eduardos on the 31st of October and are planning on opening on December 7th. This seems to be a special day for them. We should all be there to support their efforts.

                      The Fiesta Grande is now open. No liquor but they say it is coming. Chips and Salsa was good, food ak, a little bland for my taste. Another guest had the Chicken Taco Salad and said it was awesome. They need to get settled in, add some more decor and get that liquor license in. Looks like a good addition to Mount Dora.

                      Looks like Alexanders Gourmet Pizza Kitchen is acting up. They were not open till noon on one of the most busy festival weekends of the year. Rumor has it that they are going to leave. Just when they were nearing a one year anniversary. They look like they are expanding but over the past couple of months have only tore up walls and created dust. Hope they get over the hump. Good Pizza there when they are open.

                      The newest addition to the scene is going to be going into where the Frosty Mug was. A new place called The RETRO Wine Cellar & Bistro is going in. Seems they are redoing the decor to be more like a South Beach with bright colors, Mahogany Woods, music, wine and trendy foods. Sounds like what we need, something above fast food, yet below the high end, (yet awesome), places to eat. Maybe this will get people out more often during the week. Time to wake Mount Dora up a little, life is not only Friday and Saturday nights.

                      1. Thank you for the update. Mount Dora is where I was born and raised. I haven't been back in years, but it's nice to know it's still a thriving little quaint place. I miss it.

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                          Quaint,, Yes,,Thriving NO!

                          I tried Fiesta Grande over the weekend as well. I agree that they need some tweaking but I think it will happen. They have the makings of a good place.
                          Alexanders(The best pizza in florida) has terminnal growing pains. They can't figure out if they want success or not. I hope they stick around. Their neighboors have been complaining about the dust and other things. A domestic nightmare! He needs to have his own reality TV Show!
                          As for a good night life,,,What a joke! One can only hope the Frosty Mug will be able to maintain a good reputation for good entertainment. It would be nice if Mount Dora had a little more variety in entertainment. Heaven forbid you have a reggae band at pieces rising, Or a Rock band in the street at night. Mount Dora is to limited in what you can hear on a Friday and Saturday. Live jazz or an acoustic guitar bangin Jimmy Buffet that's your choice.

                        2. I also tried breakfeast at the new chewchew deli. I admire the fact that they want to serve breakfeast however,,they might want to focus their menu to cater to the Mt. Dora Demographic instead of hardees. If I want breakfeast fast I go McDonalds.
                          I guess it was good,,It was just very limited to eggs and toast with a choice of meat. I would have liked some biscuts & gravy or french toast if I was going down greasy spoon road.
                          I noticed that their menu at lunch is kinda greasy spoon as well. Cheese Steaks, burgers, fries. If it tastes good I'll go!
                          I would love to see a place downtown serve a cheap breakfeast with all the fixins. Hiland street cafe is too far of a walk and it ain't cheap.
                          I'll try lunch at the chew chew and let you know how it is!

                          1. Yes, RussE,,I hope you are right about paving the way for a new scene downtown.

                            I stopped by Picses Rising for dinner the other night and thought I would share.
                            We started with an order of Boudin Balls. They were a spicey crabcake concoction deepfried. They were a pleasurable starter. Next was the spinach salad. It was a large bowl of fresh greens that was definitely good and healthy. We didn't want to take any chances so we ordered the signature dish the "carribiean whole snapper". This $30 fish came out perfectly fried and spiced with a medly of black beans,rice and vegetables. I have never had a bad dinner at Pisces but the side dishes seem to lack the quality of the main course. It wasn't bad ,,it just wasn't outstanding. My only complaint was the fact that the server assumed we wouldn't be spending money since we were sitting outside. Service sufferd until the server took our $150 order.
                            All in all it was good. If you want a romantic high priced dinner, I reccommend Pisces Rising. Just make sure you eat inside if you want the best service and decor.

                            1. i completely agree that eduardo's had horrible mexican food, but their ambience was quite fun. i wasn't happy to hear that the frosty mug was moving - being a little basement bar was a huge part of its charm. that, and the great beer and great food. their service had definitely been hit or miss the times we'd eaten at a table, and on days when anything major was happening in mount dora. but if you sat at the bar, you'd get great service consistently. i hope they do well in the new spot and i'll definitely keep my regular status as long as they keep the same great food and beer!

                              i've eaten at pisces twice and neither time did i feel the quality matched the prices, nor did anyone in my party. (i'm very picky about seafood, and i've yet to find ANY restaurant in central florida with decent fried shrimp except for boston's fish house in winter park.) plus pisces' beer selection is horrid. after i give a restaurant at least two tries, i don't go back if it wasn't good either time, so we actually haven't been back to pisces since last winter.

                              it'll be nice to have a new mexican restaurant in mount dora, although the irish pub is something i'd appreciate more. (better beer!)

                              yes, you might gather i like good beer - and for the life of me i can't understand why there are at least 5 wine store/cellars within a 5 mile radius of each other in mount dora and only one that carries a decent (albeit pricey) selection of beer. (maggie's attic)and now there'll be a new wine bar opening at the old frosty mug spot. i hope it's the maggie's attic people opening a new spot.

                              1. Yes, Wine seems to dominate the town. I also agree with sitting at the bar at The Frosty Mug. Eddie always gives good service. Come to think of it,, the only time I have had bad service there was when i sat at a table.
                                I would also like another Irish pub in Mount Dora, only this time make it priced good with good bar food!

                                1. The Chew Chew Hamburger Rules!

                                  Just had one for Lunch, Big!, Homemade patty mashed on the grill jut like moms. Best hamburger in mt.dora for the money! A person that works with me said their fries are good too!

                                  1. Hey Mountdorahound,

                                    You're right Picese is a great place. Sometimes it gets lost between the outside and the inside. Kinda like looking at the guy in coveralls and not realizing that he's a millionare. But that shouldn't change the quality of service to anyone.

                                    After all if you're there, you're going to spend money. Besides, can't see those great sunsets inside so who wouldn't want to be out on the deck!


                                    1. Wanted to mention something. The other night we all went to 5th Ave Cafe for dinner. The pasts (no meat) dish that I usually order that is $14 is now something like $18. I asked why this was and was told that this is the menu during Season. What the hell is this? I was the one that was supporting the during the off Season, and this is how she repays her patrons and locals? First of all it is Pasta, second, the asparagus was tough and the ends that I usually cut off, were left on. Must the the organic thing. Besides food only average, and attitude of staff and owner made us feel like we were back in NY. It is getting where if you go to 5th Ave Cafe it is $75 without wine. Hell, I can eat at the best place around for this. I think Leigh has lot her mind, and seeing the tables empty as I drive by, says that others are thinking the same. I am so glad that Thora and Maria with the Frosty Mug is going to give Pisces and 5th Ave a run for their or our money.

                                      1. Yes,, I have heard similar complaints about 5th avenue. I have never tried them, but everyone I have talked to has had a complaint about the food AND the price!
                                        The prices at ALL the downtown places with exception of Fiesta Grande are high! I have seen the palm tree grill and Cafe Ature' offer early bird specials. It would be nice to have all the places have special prices for locals.I would frequent them more often if they did!

                                        1. I agree 100%. Was driving by 5th Ave and again, empty. Not going to be pretty if keeps up and with all of the new competition with better attitudes and food. Speaking of attitudes, the owner at Chew Chew Express is awesome. Makes you feel like he truly appreciates your business, nice change. And great food. Fiesta Grande, my new favorite place to eat of dont want to spend a lot of money. Also heard they got their liquor license, Margaritas Anyone? Starting to love living in Mount Dora more than ever now. Anyone seen the new color of Eduardos, the new location for Frosty Mug? At first shocked me, but starting to grow on me. Not bad.

                                          1. Someone told me that they will be opening at the end of the week. If looks are anything,,(Looks like they are still working on it),, they might have to wait until next week!
                                            On another note: I tried the Carribean place on hwy 19 over the weekend. The owners are from Trinidad.The food was good ,,however,,I am used to HOT west indian dishes. The Curry Chicken I had was kinda weak. I understand the need to keep the populas happy, however,,I think everyone knows west indian food is hot. I was elated to see such a place opening. I hope they kick it up a notch and stick around!

                                            1. i checked out the frosty mug in its new locale - it was quite nice. they've refreshed/updated the old eduardo's decor, still have open-air seating as well as the inside bar with it's enclosed portion...also upstairs is nice if you don't mind smoke (i don't smoke and don't like smokey bars so i don't know if i'll be up there much)

                                              i stopped in jeremiah's after reading this thread - loved it! what a better space it is now, and the burgers we had were awesome! really, just as good as frosty mug's burger and $3 cheaper! they have a great outdoor area, big inside bar with no smoking, lots of TVs - it's gonna definitely be on my list of places to visit now in mt. dora (didn't have beer so not sure if they have a decent beer selection or not, probably not)

                                              i love jamaican food so i'll have to stop by that place on 19 some time -- there's a good little jamaican place in apopka in that shopping center by the intersection of 441 and 436 (next to the good will) their jerk pork was delish, very spicey!

                                              i'd like to highly recommend the crazy gator in eustis - they have a great cheesesteak and their friday fish fry is outstanding.

                                              also wanted to ask if anyone can recommend louie's oyster bar.....i've heard that they have good oysters, but every time i've ever driven by they aren't open.

                                              1. Mount Dora is Changing Again,

                                                The Frosty Mug took the old Eduardo's and is doing well. Big project but they are getting a good handle on it. For the record, Maria is having some health issues, let's all wish her the best.

                                                A new Restaurant is going into the olf Frosty Mug location, The RETRO Wine Cellar & Bistro. Based on what I hear, going to be another good reason to go downtown more.

                                                The old Stella's is being renovated to be a new 'Froggers". They have a great reputation and will do well out on the main drag.

                                                Just heard about a new Coffee Dessert & Wine Bar opening on Donnelly. "One Flight UP". It is the larage balcony just above Noni Bed & Bath. Finally we will have a balcony on the second floor to enjoy some coffees and wine. Not a moment too soon. Mount Dora is quiet interesting from above. Cant wait to have a nice dinner and go relax upstairs. I am thinking this will be a great place to have casual business meetings, glass of wine and play some chess.

                                                Love what our town is becoming.

                                                Dont forget to send best wishes to Maria at the Frosy Mug.

                                                1. I heard the retro will have "flatbreads". I know they have a cool sign in place. Froggers is indeed good! I have been to the one in crime imean pine hills and they have excellent wings! they will give the kicken chicken a run for their money!

                                                  I went to the frosty for the first time a few nights ago. Nice to see Blaine! It seems their venue will be light jazz and or acoustic. No room for a band! They took up the stage area with an office! the baby grand takes up the rest of the room. no room to dance either. I guess I'll have to go to eustis to hear a whole band!! Ok ,,,lost cats play at pieces!
                                                  and thats every now and then!

                                                  1. Kind of a bummer about the space limitations at the new Icelandic Pub/Frosty Mug. But by what I've heard there might be a few new venues opening soon that plan to host full bands and support local and regional live music. Can't wait! (www.smokintorps.com)

                                                    1. regarding the jamaican place on 19 - can someone please give me more info (name or address or both) i'd like to check it out in the near future.....thanks!!

                                                      1. fyi - i ended up going back to the jamaican place in apopka ( C&C ) off 441 just before 436 in the shopping center next to goodwill. see my rave!

                                                        1. Below is the name and phone number of the place on hwy 19. I like CC's as well. It is different,,,, the owners are from Guyana and the curry is more indian. No vegggies in the curry. I havent tried their jerk yet
                                                          Does anyone know when the Retro will open?
                                                          Caribbean Tropics Restaurant Inc
                                                          Phone Number: 352-735-0036
                                                          Email: boodhanf@bellsouth.com

                                                          1. the new retro bistro is open (where frosty mug used to be in the basement of the renaissance building) - went there last weekend to check it out but wasn't very hungry so i just ordered fries - they were VERY VERY good fries. i kid you not. the kind you will crave after having them once. the owner actually gave out orders of fries to people at the bar and took mine off my bill -- that was really nice. they were served with a spicy ketchup (sirracha i think) but it wasn't all that spicey.

                                                            what they ought to do is offer a little selection of dipping sauces. herbed aoli, guinness gravy etc.

                                                            their menu looked quite interestingly eclectic and the prices were not overly expensive - basically what you can expect anyplace in mount dora with $8 sandwiches and burgers and $10 salads. they have a lunch and a dinner menu and they share many items. the lunch menu has apps like salmon croquettes w remoulade, bruschetta, edamame, chicken wings -- they have panini, burgers, soups, salads, deli sandwiches on the lunch menu. i forget what was on the dinner menu.

                                                            the ambiance was very nice - the inside is now painted a much lighter color. they've taken out that big heavy bar in the middle (there's still a bar, but it's more open and airy) and they've added more modern touches to give the place a sleeker look. there were quite a few 'regulars' from the old frosty mug stopping by, and the bartender was none other than eddy.

                                                            this place will definitely be on my 'in-the-mood-for-mt-dora' radar along with jeremiahs, frosty mug, maggie's attic.

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                                                            1. re: hitachino

                                                              I was impressed as well with The Retro. I think they will be a great addition to the mountain. I need to eat there a couple more times before i can comment on their food. What I did try was good but not on their menu. Don't ask how that happened. I did not know about the burgers. I will try!
                                                              I wilsh my experience at the 5th avenue cafe went half as well! I thought I would try lunch there one afternoon. It was 3:30 and a turkey burger sounded good and I had heard they serve a good turkey burger. Well I guess they are hard to make because they said it was past lunch and turkey burgers are only availible at lunch. How hard is it to make a turkey burger??
                                                              About a week later i thought i would try again so i went around 1:00pm. Boy,,what a disappointment! For $13 you get a dark meat turkey patty on a whole wheat bun with Blue corn chips and a small pile of greens. WAY OVERATED!

                                                              Another place that has opened in the Renisance Bldg is The Hollywood CheeseCake Cafe. They actually have a descent sit down breakfeast for under $5! I have been there on several occasions. Quality can vary at breakfeast depending on how busy they are and forget about it on Sunday. The owner is a hippie who turned to christ so he doesn't open til noon on Sunday. They also serve Ice cream made on the premisis and it taste just like the homeade i cream i used to eat at the church picnic! Health food fans will like their salads.