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Sep 19, 2006 05:43 PM

Crispy Pad Thai in Somerville/Cambridge

I love crispy pad thai. Unfortunately its hard to find. The best was at Fusion Express (Davis,) but now that they are gone I don't know where to go. I've found that Erawan of Siam in Waltham (Moddy St) has best but I don't want to have to go to Waltham everytime I want crispy pad thai. I've had the dish at Sugar and Spice (Porter) and it was vile. Twice. Any suggestions?

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  1. Question on cripsy pad thai: I've only had this once and while the flavor was good, it was rather dry (I guess you could expect that) and the noodles were like thin chow mein noodles--is that how it's supposed to be? or did I just pick the wrong place to try it? I'm hoping for the latter.


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    1. re: SeaSide Tomato

      I'm pretty sure that's more or less what it is...from what I've had at least. It's usually pretty sweet and very crispy. The thing is, my Thai friend says it's actually called something else in Thailand, so I guess Crispy Pad Thai is a misnomer

      1. re: chowda

        It's aka mee krob. Dunno of any other names. And I actually like the version I've gotten at the Thai place in the Super 88 food court, which is outside your target range I realize. It's a rare indulgence, but it's been pleasantly crunchy with the noodles not stale (as they've tasted other places I've tried it, sort of like canned chow mein noodles), a nice balance of sauce to noodles and nice fresh shrimp there when I've gotten it. You notice the sweetness in the sauce a bit more than with regular pad thai, but it's got some tang too.

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          I had no idea mee krob was the same thing! OT, in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Kumar is wearing a Mee Krob t-shirt.

    2. There is a new thai place that opened in Davis next to O'Naturals (I don't remember the name). My sister tried it and was raving about how good the food was and at great (read, cheap) prices. I don't know if they have crispy pad thai, but you could try. It's definitely on my list of places to try soon.

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      1. re: heathermb

        Are you referring to the restaurant where Fusion Express used to be? (It now has a yellow overhang, and a weird (IMO) name?

          1. re: heathermb

            You are thinking of "Benjapons," just outside the square.

            1. re: a l i c e

              I've called Benjapons and they do not serve crispy pad thai.

      2. Try The Similans in Cambridge, next to the Cambridgeside galleria. It has the same owners as Brown Sugar's listed even on their website!

        The Similans
        145 1st Street
        Cambridge, MA 02142

        1. Tamarind House is on Mass Ave, on the other side of Porter from Sugar and Spice. They definitely have the dish.

          Caveat: this is the only place I ever tried it, after which I thought to myself, "well, I learned something today: I don't think I like the crispy pad thai." Not sure if that means they make a "vile" version, or if I just don't like the dish -- this version was tooth-crunchingly firm, and very sweet.

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          1. re: finlero

            i actually really like the crispy pad thai at tamarind house, but it's definitely different for regular pad thai.

          2. There's also Tip Top Noodle Shop. I've never been there -- I've only driven past it so I have NO idea if it's a good restaurant or if they even have that dish.

            Tip Top Noodle Shop
            1153 Broadway (Cross Street: Holland Street)
            Somerville, MA 02144

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            1. re: chowda

              Tip Top Thai does not have crispy pad thai either. I've been there before and its a good place. They just don't serve what I'm after.