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Shabu Shabu in San Diego

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Hey hounds,

Where can I find Shabu Shabu in San Diego. I imagine somewhere on Convoy, but I was hoping for some specific spots. I've never had shabu shabu and have heard great things. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Buga, on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. has it. It's next to the 805, on the west side of the freeway.

    1. YuMeYa will be offering it this winter...

      1246 N Coast Highway 101

      1. Tajima on Convoy - 18.95. Solid deal.


        1. Toshi San in La Jolla (formerly knwon as Shabu Shabu)

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            I tried the shabu shabu at Toshi San (Jinsang) back in August and I must say that their meat portions (U.S. prime) are quite small for the price we paid. I tried shabu shabu in hawaii and received double the portions for 2 dollars more.