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Sep 19, 2006 05:05 PM

Good old English Food!

Hi, I am suffering terribly from a distinct lack of british food suppliers here in the States. I know that you can order on line but most of the web sites are very costly because of shipping costs. Does anyone know of any stores over here that stock british foods? Or any restaurants or pubs that serve English food?

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  1. There are a couple of British pubs in Portland such as Moon and Sixpence and Horsebrass. Horsebrass at least sells some British goods at Belmont Station next door (from their website "Imported British treats -everything from Hob Nobs to Branston Pickle.") I'm not sure if you're looking for info for Portland or Seattle or somewhere else...

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      Thanks thats great I'll check it out..........I need a fix!

    2. The only place I'm aware of in Seattle is "A British Affaire" on the second level of the US Bank Center (aka "City Center"). They should be able to sort you out with your HP sauce and salad cream.

      The locally-made bangers at Uli's in the Pike Place market are better than the imported frozen stuff. Pity he doesn't make a black pudding.

      edit: I should also mention the Crumpet Shop in the market, I suppose. Nothing particularly British about it except the tea and crumpets, but they are good.

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        Thanks, great info, I did not know about the crumpet shop and the next time I'm in that area I'll check it out for sure.

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          You might be able to get a black pudding at the Australian Pie Shop in Burien. Yes, it's Aussie, not English, but they know their pies and puddings. Worth a call.

        2. Where are you? If you're in Seattle or nearby, you really should take a trip up to Vancouver, BC.

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            I'm in the Tri-cities but we do travel upto Canada and I have managed to get some things whilst there.

          2. If you're looking for a place to buy supplies, I recommend checking out CostPlus in Pike Place Market. They periodically carry HP Sauce, Branston pickle, British chocolate bars and the like. Delaurenti's (also in the market) carries a lot of the same items but their prices are higher.

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              Then you might want to check out the other Washington locations, in case you're travelling through:


            2. both black puddings and white are available from bavarian meats at the north end of pike place market