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Sep 19, 2006 04:35 PM

Apizz, Chezmichallet or Gascogne?

Which is best for a cozy and charming 30th birthday dinner for two? Or are there others I should be thinking of?

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  1. Chez Michallet is closed. It has been replaced by Little Owl, a great little neighborhood restaurant that's very cozy, if a bit cramped. I really like Apizz for a celebration. I'm not a big fan of the food at Gascogne.

    1. I havent been to Gascogne in a couple years but always enjoyed it when I lived nearby. Wonderful fois gras options and very intimate and cozy.

      Apizz I've been to once, with family, and though the service was absolutely disastrous. The food was very good but the terrible service made it hard to relax and enjoy. I dont think I'd call it cozy and charming. Its very loud, very cramped.

      Some other ideas: Hearth, Mermaid Inn, Blue Ribbon Bakery Restaurant, Savoia

      1. Gascogne certainly fits the cozy, oh-so-charming description, and we've always found the food to be excellent.

        While I like the food at Hearth, I would definitely not describe it as either cozy or charming -- at least, not the front room, which is quite large and can be a bit noisy since that's where all the big groups are seated. The decor would best be described as early industrial though smart use of lighting does warm the space up a bit. I haven't been seated in the back room which may be more intimate.

        You might want to consider Fleur de Sel, which has superb cuisine and a fine wine list. The small space has stylish contemporary decor and just the right lighting to provide a romantic feel. (Note: I consider the coziest spot to be the table for two immediately in front of the window.) Fleur de Sel is more upscale than the others mentioned here but definitely a place to celebrate a special occasion.

        Happy 30th birthday and Bon Appetit!

        1. i would also add "the place" (bad name, i know) on west 4th and bank. very charming, lovely menu, neighborhoody and fairly priced.