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Need a Toronto bistro type resto for Wednesday night...

My Dad is taking me out on one of our monthly dinners, and I've been asked to pick the place. I'm clueless. Our regular haunts are Fat Cat, Browne's Bistro, and any Indian place that is half decent. Can anyone suggest a bistro type restaurant (think lamb sausage, beef short ribs, lamb shank) that is around the same price as Fat Cat's and Browne's? He balked at the cost of Scaramouche Pasta Bar and Grill, so more reasonable than that would be great.

Should be south of 401, east of Bathurst, west of Bayview if poss.

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  1. I would say Le Paradis or Pastis Express

    1. I would recommend Le Paradis or Pastis Express

      1. I would suggest Mirabelle Wine Bar on Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton. I had the sausage special last time I was there and it was delicious. And their $6 steak tartare is to die for! It's been getting lots of excellent feedback from posters on this board.

        1. If you don't mind going a bit south, what about P.J. Obrien's: http://www.irishembassypub.com/pjob/m...

            1. Oh you definitely have to go to the Rebel House ... try their house meatloaf ... to die for and GREAT service and ambiance. Yonge, near Summerhill.

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              1. Midi Bistro - Southern French fare (nice lamb shank). It's on McCaul at Elizabeth street. www.midibistro.com


                1. Marvelous Edibles on Laird, south of Eg

                  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions, they sound very promising! No-one mentioned Batifole...any reason why? I had that on a short list...

                    1. If your "west of bayview" preference isn't cast in stone:

                      Batifole (just had an amazing meal there)
                      Smalltalk (on Bayview)
                      POP (Broadview/Queen
                      Joy (Queen near Logan)

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                        Totally agree with Batifole and POP (I haven't tried embee's other suggestions). Be safe and make reservations for either of these tiny restaurants. To this I would add:
                        Avant Gout (Off Yonge at Summerhill)
                        Taboule (Yonge St) If you are feeling adventurous -- it's Lebonese.
                        Bar Mercurio (St. George and Bloor) - excellent thin crust pizza.

                        You'll also want to make a res for BM and AG.

                      2. Ah, sorry, forgot about my location rule! Thanks Embee. The location is flexible (just not OOT pls)

                        1. What about Boujadi? Middle Eastern. I believe that it is on Eglinton West between Allen Road and Bathurst.

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                            to clarify the ``middle eastern'' description, they're moroccan.

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                              Nice! I haven't gone yet myself but this is on my to try list.

                          2. I would suggest the Town Grill at Carlton and Parliament