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Sep 19, 2006 03:52 PM

restaurants with EXCELLENT dessert menus?

I'm part of the clan that is staunchly anti-Finale for desserts, but my birthday is coming up and I'd like to find a place for good desserts and wine...preferably in Cambridge, but I'd be open to other places as well.

Help me, hounds! :)

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  1. Petit Robert Bistro, Hamersley's Bistro, Upstairs on the Square, Rendezvous Central Square, The Blue Room and Central Kitchen all have bars where they will serve an excellent dessert with wine. I'm sure most would accommodate a Birthday with a table for dessert and wine if you ask.

    I have not been to Upstairs in recent months but was one of a short list of places where I actually order dessert. Petit Robert's wine list is not quite up to the others here but the desserts are outstanding.

    1. Cafe Paradiso on Hanover Street in the North End is a wonderful place to go for desserts. They also have a nice wine selection and make a perfect expresso martini. Make sure when you're ordering to peak in the case first, often times the best selections are not listed on the menu! Have dinner at your favorite North End restaurant, get a little walk in and go to Cafe Paradiso.

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        for the north end i do like Cafe Vittoria. i think their cannolis are the best of breed, especially since Modern's facelift.

        i would also throw Oleana in the mix. not the largest selection, but what is there is really good.

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        1. Another vote for Oleana - really superb desserts.

          1. Profiteroles at Petit Robert will melt your face. In a good way.

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              I'll take the pear tartin w/ ice cream there. And their white choc. bread pudding is good too.