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Sep 19, 2006 03:35 PM

Galatoire's - what to have

There have been an enormous amount of positive comments on this board about Galatoire's; so many that I have decided I have to try it. My wife has never been to one of the classic old New Orleans restaurants so I want her to get a taste of the best they have to offer. I was wondering if there are any dishes that stand so much above the rest that they become a "you must try..." We will be going for lunch, if that makes a difference. Thanks.

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  1. The oysters brochette are outstanding. Also the shrimp remoulade is outstanding. I love the crab meat maisson which makes a good appetizer or salad as it's served over lettuce. A good option is have your waiter bring a plate of appetizers for you and/or the entire table which he will mix up with his best appetizers. Ask for Richard. Nice guy. Get the fried soft shell crab or fried/baked/broiled trout. Get them to put shrimp and/or crab meat on top. Oysters rockefeller are excellent as well. Bon appetit...........

    1. My favorites: shrimp remoulade, oysters rockefeller, crabmeat maison, lamb chops bernaise, sauteed pompano, brabant potatoes, cafe brulot, banana bread pudding.

      1. First, don't get in a hurry. Start with puffed potatoes and bearnaise or fried eggplant with powdered sugar (or both)and a martini. Pick between oysters rockefellar, crabmeat maison, oysters en brochette and the godchaux salad for apps or order the goute (a combination). The oysters rockefellar are IMO the best in the world. Then, order whatever your waiter suggests based on your tastes for a main course. If you have wine in addition to your martini, the proper way to finish this meal is with a nap.

        1. It all sounds wonderful. Thanks bunches!