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Sep 19, 2006 03:30 PM

Marigny Restaurants and the Sante Fe

We will be staying in the French Quarter (arriving Thursday) without a car and thought it would be fun to try some restaurants in the Marigny. I always thought the Sante Fe sounded intriguing (a German chef doing Mexican food and specializing in seafood) and have heard that it just recently reopened. I would like to hear any comments about the Sante Fe, as well as other restaurant suggestions and what those restaurants do really well. Thanks.

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  1. I really wanted to enjoy Santa Fe, but it was awful. The only thing we liked was the salsa. The food was cold and bland, and in the case of my relleno, tough as cardboard.
    However, Adolfo's (fish or lamb), Marigny Brasserie, Wasabi (sushi) are all quite good. 13 is a good casual sandwich and soup place. Feelings in the Marigny has a lovely patio bar for drinks, and the food is good if not knock your socks off great.
    My all time favorite place to go for a treat is K-Pauls in the Quarter. Also NOLA, Bayona, Muriel's, Bacco, Palace Cafe, Brennan's.

    1. Santa Fe was closed before the hurricane and for sale. It has reopened with new owners to mixed reviews. I think it is too early to judge it fairly.
      I had a wonderful meal at the Bank Restaurant, only problem is having been a former bank it is quite noisy, but the food was great.

      1. "a German chef doing Mexican food and specializing in seafood"

        Along the same lines, Adolfo is a Spanish guy doing Italian-Creole.

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          Maybe so, But I had one of the best meals of my entire life at Adolfo's. He does AMAZING things with soft-shell crab. Adolfo's should not be missed.

        2. Here is another vote for Adolfo's. The italian sausage and spinach canneloni (as well as the one with crabmeat and corn) are devine. Excellent escargot, lamb chops, among many other dishes.

          1. Thanks to you all. May try some others but will definitely visit Adolfo's. Thanks for the warning about Sante Fe.