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Baked in Red Hook

We checked out Baked on Saturday after visiting the soccer fields. I didn't really have any expectations and was very pleasantly surprised. Loved the decor, the modern cabin feel and that crazy mirror behind the counter. Very similar to Chocolate Bar for obvious reasons.

I noticed right away that they were carrying one of my favorite Tisanes in a flavor I can never find so I quickly grabbed a box.

We weren't even hungry but everything looked so good. We tried a PB Crispy Bar (a homemade rice crispy treat with a thick layer of peanut butter and a very thin layer of chocolate) and a chocolate sandwich cookie (similar to the Bouchon TKO only bigger and fatter. Like a giant homemade Double Stuff Oreo). Bother were fantastic. We could really taste the quality of the ingredients. Loved the cream filling in the cookie. It reminded me of the silky smooth buttercream you find at Two Little Red Hens or Cupcake Cafe.

At the last second my BF also grabbed one of their chocolate marshmallows. It reminded me of Count Chocula. Not a bad thing in my book.

I'm already looking forward to my next visit. I'd love to try their Red Velvet. They also had an interesting looking Green Tea cake. Plus numerous cookies, bars, etc. I have a feeling we'll be back again and again.

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  1. I've passed by Baked on several ocassion while on my way to Fairway. How's the pricing on the cakes, etc.? Is it expensive?

    1. It's not cheap, but it really is great quality. We got a slice of amazing chocolate cake last week and I think it was $4.00 a slice. Can't remember the price of whole cakes. Here's a link to their website.


      1. The cake is $4 a slice but I must say that it's a big enough slice for two people to eat and be sickly-full. It is the biggest slice of cake I have ever attempted to eat.

        1. Yes, agreed. It was a huge slice of cake and two of us did share it.

          1. Glad to hear it. I went there when it first opened and my friend spoke to the guy that owns the place and he seemed like a really nice guy...that was a while ago, and all I had was a small raspberry bread pudding, but I thought it was really good. I have wanted this place to do well.

            1. My husband and I decided to give Baked a try and did so this past weekend. Since we really wanted to try the cakes, we opted for buying 2 slices. They had a display that included 3 cakes...a Green Tea Cake (which is their cake of the month), the Red Hook Red Hot (red velvet cake) and the Diner Double Chocolate. We opted for the Red Hot and Diner Double cake slices.

              I wasn't blown away by the Red Hot cake at all. It kind of reminded me a bland homemade Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake. I did enjoy the red hots on top though. The Diner Double Chocolate was outstanding though. According to the Baked menu, it says it's "layered with bitterseet valrhona chocolate ganache & finished in a rich chocolate glaze."

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                Has anyone tried their sweet and salty cake? I am ordering a cake for a party and would be interested in "Baked" recommendations. Thanks!

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                  I love, love, love Baked's sweet & salty cake! It's so delicious, by far the best cake they do.

              2. I love the goodies at Baked but will never go there again because the last 2 times the staff were downright rude. If I want rude I can think of better places to get it than Baked.

                1. Patkay, what do you mean by rude? I'm always curious what the offense was when someone says they were mistreated. I don't mean to trivialize your experience -- I really am genuinely wondering what they did/said to you.

                  1. The first time I went in with my daugher and she asked for decaf. The person behind the counter very rudely said "we don't have decaf" like it was unheard of for a bakery to have decaffeinated coffee. The second time, two weeks ago I had ordered my coffee and it was being made. The man next to me asked the woman behind the counter what kind of muffins they had. She said "I don't know" and then reached onto the counter and with great exaggeration lifted the muffin sign up [frankly, I had not noticed the sign either] and began to recite the muffin types and then plopped it back down on the counter. That was totally uncalled for and rude imo.

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                      there are solid reasons to keep chowhound mostly focussed on the food - its relatively easy to discuss,and even if people react differently, it doesnt exactly involve feelings.

                      In other areas, there is a lot of personal subjective stuff going on which may - or may not - be relevant to other folks experience.

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                        Yep, I definitely agree that things like rudeness are highly subjective.

                        I appreciate a warning about bad service, but there's a world of difference between the lack of enthusiasm described above and the absolutely appalling behavior I've read about at other restaurants.

                        That's why I asked for the clarification -- I'd hate for everyone to have a "rude" association with Baked, when I'd venture to say most people wouldn't blink if faced with the same situation.

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                          And opinions about food are highly subjective as well. If the only two times I visited an establishment people there were rude, I don't go back no matter how good the food may be. And the last time I looked we still had a first amendment right to express ourselves. Nothing anyone says on this site would affect whether or not I patronize a place, I make my own decisions based on my own experience.

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                            We've made multiple trips now and one thing my BF has noticed is one counterperson never smiles. He commented on it the first time we went and then again a couple of weeks ago when he stopped in on his own. He mentioned he had that same girl and she doesn't smile and must be very unhappy or something to that effect.

                            The chocolate cloud cookie more than made up for it though. Chewy and rich, almost a cross between a chocolate cookie and a chewy brownie.

                            Still love the chocolate sandwich cookie! I've had it several times now and it never disappoints. It's fairly large and great for sharing. The last time I couldn't even finish half. The pb & j bar is good as well but sweet and very rich.

                            Next time I'll try a slice of cake.

                            So far I've been impressed with the quality of their products. And my BF and I agree that it's a good thing Baked isn't in our area. It would be a regular stop.

                      2. I live in Red Hook also and I know rude. I was a waitress and bartender in NYC for 10 years. The second rude episode was not even directed at me but it made me so angy I vowed not to go back. Maybe they are not rude to you because they know you. No skin off my nose. There are plenty of bakeries in Carroll Gardens that are happy to have the business. Hopefully, the owners of Baked will see this and hire hasppier people.

                        1. As exhibited by the comments above, different people have different ideas of what rude is. If you don't find the behavior described by Patkay rude, you probably haven't experienced rudeness at Baked and will enjoy your delicious baked goods with no problems. If, on the other hand, you do think that sort of behavior is rude, then it sounds like you should def avoid Baked.

                          Me? I'll definitely be back for the red velvet.

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                            okay, now all you people complaining about rude get a hold of yourself. first of all, it's not her job to smile at you or be a happy person and make you feel okay about yourself. it's her job to make you a coffee. if you can't be bothered to read the menu, you, no doubt, will be the seventeenth person that hour (especially if you don't go there often and haven't looked for it) that has asked her that.
                            i live in red hook and i go to baked all the time. the people who work there amaze me that they are never rude. this is remarkable considering the people who come in there on their way to/from fairway and expect to be treated like kings because you have bothered to stop by.
                            although i hate there coffee and their baked goods, i love their personality.

                            1. re: birdsinbrooklyn

                              Welcome to Chowhound! What's wrong with their coffee and baked goods? I'd heard good things about the baked stuff.

                          2. I recently had Baked for the first time, as we were lucky enough to attend a party with a Baked birthday cake. It was easily the finest chocolate cake I've ever had. First, the cake was the absolute perfect texture; not hard, not crumbly, not wet. It was just the right moist, but firm combination. The peanut butter filling can easily be overdone by a bakery, but not here. It, too, was perfect and just the right amount, so it added flavor, but did not overpower the cake. Last, the icing was a buttercream and excellent. Even the piece we had 2 days later still tasted amazing and held its wonderful texture.

                            1. I also recently had a birthday cake from Baked. It was a white cake with white frosting. The cake was moist - so moist it can only be described as gummy. Probably slightly undercooked. The frosting was a hard crust of sugar. Not appealing in any way. I have also stopped going into Baked because of the vibe of pure hatred and venom from the staff. It MIGHT make a difference if the products were good....

                              1. Wow. I've been to Baked a handful of times, and have never experienced any rudeness from their staff. Having worked in service-oriented industries my entire adult life, perhaps I'm immune to a low level of rudeness. However; I've never experienced it at Baked and I'm far from being a "regular" there.

                                1. I just found this "rude" thread" which I read out loud to my husband. I think it's so funny because I'd told him about repeatedly watching people ask about "the muffin of the day" and watching an annoyed staff member point (somewhat rudely) to the daily special sign EXCEPT when a cute male local walked in and then the muffins were carefully explained.
                                  I'm a Manhattanite with a studio in Red Hook, somewhat older , further along in my career than some of the younger artists in Red Hook. Having lived and worked in Soho in the early days I remember the feeling of having my neighborhood invaded. Perhaps this is the core of the "rude" attitude at Baked. Meanwhile I can take it. I will kill them with kindness. I Love their product. Great coffee too.
                                  P.S you will dream about their biscuits.....

                                  1. I must admit to mixed results on my visits - some of the food's nice, other things kind of mediocre; maybe my expectations are inflated - I so want it to be wonderful. The service is equally uneven; some of the staff are really sullen and unpleasant - and I think I'm an okay 'control' as I'm in my '20s and look respectably hip, as they'd interpret it! On a recent visit, one girl, who was merely sullen with me, was downright rude to the sweet, middle-aged couple ahead of me in line, pulling that muffin thing and sighing theatrically when they asked for a spoon. So, caveat emptor.

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                                      wow, sad to hear some of you had bad experiences. i ordered a cake there and they were extremely accommodating and patient with me as it took a couple days of deliberation to decide on a cake, decoration style and inscription. when i arrived to pick it up they were equally kind. i guess it all depends on who's working what shift.

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                                        I have passed by here a million times on the way to BWAC and Fairway and finally went on Sat. I had the chocolate cookie filled with vanilla buttercream. It was huge for the price (2.50) but too buttercreamy and not enough vanilla flavor. I should have gotten a slice of cake or one of the sweet and salty caramel brownies. Next time! And yes, they do have that sullen service in there. Oh well. It doesn't bother me too much. Not rude but just kind of NY-ish. I am a native so it doesn't phase me for a few cookies or such.

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                                          I actually crave their sweet n salty brownies. A must for anyone who loves sweet/salty combinations.