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Sep 19, 2006 03:03 PM

Headed to Little Owl -- Recommendations?

Am very excited for dinner at Little Owl this Thursday. From Bruni's review ( ) and the Amateur Gourmet's review ( ), it sounds like a friendly and delicious dining experience.

Any recommendations on what to order, what to avoid, etc etc? Personally I'm sold on the pork chop, but I'll have 5 fellow diners so the more suggestions the better.

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  1. You can't go wrong w/the fish, esp. the cod.

    1. the signature dishes are the meatball sliders for app and pork chop for entree. both are fantastic!. other dishes are near-misses. the white tuna app and duck were both underwhelming last sunday...

      1. I had the sliders, the pork chop and the chicken between 2 people. The chicken is a close 2nd to the chop, in my opinion. I've heard mixed things about their seafood.

        1. The cod was quite good (the waitress recommended it over the more-expensive haddock, which I appreciated, though the mashed potatoes that accompanied the latter looked fabulous) and the pork chop superlative. Sliders also not to be missed. Also very much liked the warm brownie, but that's if you're able to contemplate dessert after the pork chop. And yes, extraordinarily friendly -- upon our departure, the host practically chased us halfway down the block to thank us for eating there!

          1. Thanks everyone for your recommendations ... so I ended up going last night. I'll link to my full review soon, but I just wanted to say that the service was absolutely exceptional. The food was every bit as delicious as I expected (I particularly enjoyed the sliders, the cavatelli, and the behemoth of a pork chop), and the service was truly remarkable. 4 of us ordered 3 apps to split, and without prompting, the kitchen split them in advance onto 4 plates. That was the sort of treatment we received all night.

            Most of all, it was incredibly refreshing to eat at a restaurant where *everyone* (host, hostess, waitress, waiter, etc. etc.) seemed to be both proud and delighted to be where they were.

            I can't wait to go back! Will post my full review soon.