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Sep 19, 2006 02:20 PM

"Fancy" in Jackson Heights

I've been searching this board, but most of the recs I've found were for delicious but low-key type places. Where would you go in JH if you wanted to take a loved one out for his birthday??? I'm looking for a special-occasion place.

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  1. I really like Uncle Peter's on Northern Blvd, somewhere around 84th I believe. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but once inside, it's quite a nice atmosphere. The staff is
    attentive and the food is very good. They have good specials, the waiters know their wine. It is cozy and romantic.

    1. Cozy.....romantic.....good food.........that's EXACTLY what I want! Mille grazie...

      1. I second the vote for Uncle Peter's. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the dining area is considering how plain the facade is outside.

        La Cabana, an Argentine steakhouse, also on Northern at 87th Street is a nice place for a celebration. I find the ambiance appealing and the food pretty good, particulary the Entraña.

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          I ditto the rec for La Cabana and its Entraña, which by the way is huge. (Is it romantic to share a steak?)

        2. I've been a huge fan of Uncle Peter's Continental since they opened. I have had countless meals there and never once left disappointed and they make fabulous Cocktails. Take a look at the Sunset Special served before 6:30. Awesome value. If you're celebrating a Birthday make certain they know about it. The Salmon with saffron sauce is a favorite. But then everything they serve is good. Waiter's are so incredibly nice and attentive.

          1. Thanks, all - I made the reservation for Uncle Peter's for Saturday, and I'll report back!