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Sep 19, 2006 02:16 PM

casual lunch near MOMA

Any good italian or Mexican for a casual lunch after MOMA.

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  1. Not exactly what you asked for, but La Bonne Soupe (bistro fare) is a decent casual (but still "sit-down") lunch. 48 W 55th St (btw 5th & 6th aves)

    1. Why not have lunch at MoMA? Their casual cafe (you order at a counter and they bring to your table) is quite good. Maybe more casual than what you are looking for, but I really enjoyed my lunch there. La Bonne Soupe gets very crowded. There's also a pretty good Japanese restaurant, not too expensive, on 52nd near Fifth, north side of street - anyone remember the name?

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        Right now Cafe 2 at MoMA is closed for six weeks! Terrace 5 is still open but I believe it's been packed. They're also selling some sandwiches and things outside in the sculpture garden.

      2. What do you mean by casual? If you mean take-out lunch places there is a food court-type arcade under Rockefeller Center. You enter by going into the tallest building (the one behind the gold Prometheus statue) and down one floor by stairs. There you will find a variety of casual purveyors: a salad place, a takeout sushi place, sandwiches, takeout Italian and burritos etc that service the office workers in the building. Seating is get-what-you-can in the atrium nearby. Most of the places aren't great, but if you only want to spend a few bucks and you want a variety of foods to choose from it's not a terrible option. Unfortunately, the MOMA area isn't exactly budget so the choices of that nature are limited.

        1. Zona Rosa is on 56th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs. I have not eaten there, but there have been very favorable reports about it on this board.