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Sep 19, 2006 02:06 PM

Hubby in Wheat Ridge Co for a week... Suggestions?

Hi Hounds,

My SO, from the east coast, is spending this week in the Wheat Ridge area and has no idea where to go. Anywhere he should not miss? He enjoys all cusine and as he is on an expense account moderate pricing would be best.

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  1. Just off I-70 at Federal is McCoy's. Solid family coffee shop kinda place. Food is good and varied, nice salad bar, good service. Beer and wine available.

    Jack N Grill is not too far down Federal and is worth the drive. Killer New Mex Mex. Full bar, groovy hang. Cash only, ATM on site.

    The neighborhood around 32nd and Lowell is fairly close, with plenty of good spots. There's an outpost of Heidi's Deli, which while a far cry from East Coast delis is still pretty good. Mead Street Station has better than average pub fare and live entertainment. There's also an excellent wine store on the corner.

    1. Applejacks for bevs. One of the best places in the country.

      1. Just north of 70 east of Kipling are two of the great places in that area. Luke's - A Steak Place is dark wood and burgundy leather homage to grilled animal. The martinis are perfect, as well.
        TV Cuisine is right behind Luke's, and has some of the best Thai in the Denver metro(Yummy Yummy on Colfax in Aurora is the best). Watch the larb, it can be amazing or so salty as to be inedible. The curries were always complex and not too spicy.
        There's a couple places on 44th between Kipling and Wadsworth(names escape me). One is a breakfast place on the S side near Kipling, fantastic CF steak and eggs. The other is an italian place near Wads.
        Abrusci's has great American italian(pasta and red sauce). It's next to Applejack Liquors. Trust the other poster and have the hubby make an Applejack Run. They have the lowest wine prices I've seen.
        Happy eats,