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Sep 19, 2006 02:01 PM

Apple Picking and Dining in MA

I was thinking of going apple picking this weekend and would like to end the day with dinner. We'll be dressed for apple picking and will have kids (12 and 14) with us so formal dining is out. Can anyone recommend an orchard and nearby restaurant that's chow-worthy? We're in Boston but will travel.


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    Not sure if I did this correctly, but the above is a discussion that was on the Boston board that might have a few ideas for you. If I didn't do it, you can do a search on the board too.

    1. Thanks very much! I've found the orchard we'll be visiting. It looks really neat.

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        Well Bigmomma, I'll be ready to compare notes with you. Your choice sounds great. I had already made plans to go up to Philippston with our family and they have a similar offering. There's also a site that list all of the orchards around and what they have to offer. Google apple picking! Have a great time!!

        1. re: othervoice

          Just thought I would add in the site that lists Pick-Your-Own places by state and fruit/veggie.

          NOTE: the info on that site is not always up to date. We recently attempted to visit one orchard listed on that site and they were closed even though it was during a time the site said they were open. So, it is could be a good idea to call first if you are trying a new place that you randomly pick from that site.

        2. re: Big Momma

          I'm thinking about going there this upcoming weekend. How was it, good? I haven't been apple pickin' in years so I have a vivid comparision of good picking in my mind. Is Smolak Farms recommended?

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            I highly recommend Smolak Farms. I only saw Macs and Delicious for varieties but we didn't even do an eighth of the orchard. The trees were packed with fruit. I got some beautiful heirloom tomatoes for $2.99 per pound and picked some raspberries for $4.50 pint. Nice petting zoo for little ones, duck pond hayrides, cute little store. The have a pick your own pumpkin patch, as well. My kids are older but we spent a few hours there.