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Sep 19, 2006 01:46 PM

Breakfast recs for metrowest?

Breakfast and/or lunch, Harvard, Lincoln, Concord areas. Thanks!

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  1. West Concord -- Nashoba Brook Bakery. They have a waffle bar Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the week, there are delicious breads and other baked goods.

    I've heard so-so reports about the cafe at the Stow Airport. Some like it, others not so much. Do a search on this site. I think there were some posts about it recently.

    In Concord Center, there is a former Brighams that is now called Helen's. They serve breakfast, I think.

    Frankly, Nashoba Bakery is the best of these suggestions.

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      Nancy's Airfield Cafe is a local treasure. No, you won't get 27 different omelets to choose from. What you will get is a good variety breakfast items that are cooked exactly to order each and everytime. Their baked goods are superb. Food that is made a with the finest fresh ingredients and locally grown when ever and where ever it's humanly possible. Nancy loves to cook and loves people. It shows in everything she does. I'm not a regular but wish I was. I get there maybe 7 or 8 times a year. It's a great to take the kids and watch the expressions on their faces, as the plane take off and land, even in these jaded times.

    2. For a delicious, fill your belly heart stopping old fashioned diner style breakfast you can't beat the Club Car in West Concord.

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        Where is this ? I looked on Mapquest and can't place it. Is it past the train station? Sounds like a place to try.

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          It IS the train station.

          If grease is your thing, this is your place.

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            I would call Fruitlands and J's upscale compared to the others discussed here, just so people know.

            1. I've lived in West Concord for the last 6 years and have yet to find a really good place for breakfast in the area. Julie's in Acton is our usual spot when I don't feel like cooking. Passable diner like breakfasts, but the homefries are bland and boring - be prepared to wait if you don't show up early enough. This place has a nice hometown feel to it and the staff is friendly.

              Sometimes we hit up Babico's in Maynard - again diner level breakfasts, but they have a linguica omelette that I enjoy - and seems to be the most adventurous breakfast item I've seen in the area.

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                I find Babicos puts on a fair breakfast (omlettes, etc) -- not outstanding, not bad, but on the other hand, they have the absolute best chocolate frosted cake doughnuts around, and their coffee is from the New England Coffee Co, which is my favored brand.

                I definitely go out of the way every once in a while to get Babicos doughnuts. (again, specifically the chocolate covered cake ones -- I find the chocolate glazed ones (my usual favored doughnut variety) aren't chocolatey enough)