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Sep 19, 2006 12:46 PM

Breakfast in Hyde Park area?

Just moved to the Hyde Park area from Colorado; am looking for a decent breakfast place; nothing too fancy, but good coffee a must. Any suggestions in immediate area?
Thanks for suggestions!

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  1. Not much right in Hyde Park besides Dottie's in Cleary Sq. Don't know how their coffee is. You can get a greasy spoon breakfast at the Forest Hills Diner across from the T station. Blue something in Roslindale just down from Fornax (where you can get good croissants). Centre St. Cafe and Sorella's in JP are standbys.

    1. 50's Diner is next door in Dedham. They have pretty good food, though their coffee is average, I'd say.

      I second the Centre Street Cafe in JP. It's one of my favorite places for brunch in the area. They only have brunch on the weekends, though.

      1. Blue Star Diner (Restaurant?) in Roslindale is a find -- a step up from a greasy spoon with all the old reliable breakfast menu items plus some intriguing omelettes. Their use of leeks in particular is a nice touch. The place has recently been redone and is clean and modern. Its not the Ritz but for a basic breakfast, it works well.

        1. You mught try Newcomb Farms in Milton--right next door to Hyde Park and a nice ride over there, too. Great banana bread French toast. Coffee's better than DD (which I find not worth drinking), but I reallly only like home-perked, so hard to say.

          1. Thanks everyone for their help. I'm going to try your suggestions.