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Sep 19, 2006 12:39 PM

parve mashed potatoes

Just when i've mastered the art of butter and cream.... i just got a request for me to handle the mashed potatoes for rosh hashana...

Do i go with margerine and soy milk (is soy milk even parve?)? Or do I use vegetable broth in some way? Help please!

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  1. I stopped using butter and margarine and use extra virgin olive oil instead as it's much much healthier. tastes a bit different but once you get used to it your heart will thank you

    1. Earth Balance can be used. Chicken stock is a good idea. Mayonaisse is surprisingly helpful. Tofutti sour cream also can help.

      1. My mother used to make mashed potatoes w/ the rendered fat from the chicken and fried onions....add a little chicken stock too......

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          That sounds so good. I will have to try this next time I roast a chicken- not due to my religion- just due to how delicious it sounds! Thanks

        2. Soy milk could be parve, dairy, or dairy equipment. You have to check the label on the specific milk. However, I find most soy milk to be a little sweet, which I wouldn't appreciate with my mash potatoes.

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            garlic and rosemary were made to go together!! yum

          2. I'll second the olive oil. I also add some rosemary, crushed, for a bit of extra flavor. Garlic also works, depending on the rest of the meal, but not both together.