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parve mashed potatoes

Just when i've mastered the art of butter and cream.... i just got a request for me to handle the mashed potatoes for rosh hashana...

Do i go with margerine and soy milk (is soy milk even parve?)? Or do I use vegetable broth in some way? Help please!

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  1. I stopped using butter and margarine and use extra virgin olive oil instead as it's much much healthier. tastes a bit different but once you get used to it your heart will thank you

    1. Earth Balance can be used. Chicken stock is a good idea. Mayonaisse is surprisingly helpful. Tofutti sour cream also can help.

      1. My mother used to make mashed potatoes w/ the rendered fat from the chicken and fried onions....add a little chicken stock too......

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          That sounds so good. I will have to try this next time I roast a chicken- not due to my religion- just due to how delicious it sounds! Thanks

        2. Soy milk could be parve, dairy, or dairy equipment. You have to check the label on the specific milk. However, I find most soy milk to be a little sweet, which I wouldn't appreciate with my mash potatoes.

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            garlic and rosemary were made to go together!! yum

          2. I'll second the olive oil. I also add some rosemary, crushed, for a bit of extra flavor. Garlic also works, depending on the rest of the meal, but not both together.

            1. A little olive oil and pareve chicken soup powder made into broth. "Without chemistry, pareve itself would be impossible," to quote my dh. I like to use the powder because then I am not stuck with a 1/2 can of broth. We frequently add the pareve chicken powder to water when cooking rice, couscous, etc. for a dairy meal.
              Definitely garlic if it goes with the rest of meal.

              1. Truffled oil would be even better (I'm not sure if there is one out there marked Kosher). Thank you.

                1. I find that Yukon gold potatoes naturally have a buttery,almost creamy finish.Add a little olive oil, or truffled olive oil and you are good to go.

                  1. I agree with the yukon gold potatoes and the olive oil. I don't like to cook with margarine but I've recently started using the Earth Balance sticks in my baking and it works fine. But I still think that I would prefer the taste of a good olive oil in my parve mashed potatoes. I also add lots of roasted garlic which can add some creaminess to the potatoes.

                    1. My vote goes with Yukon golds, caramelized onions (sauteed in lots of extra-virgin olive oil, which you'll add into the mash), some chicken broth (optional), lots of salt and some pepper.

                      This also makes a great stuffing for chicken.

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                        We've made a recipe out of the old Craig Claibore NYT cookbook that calls for egg instead of dairy. The egg cooks on contact with the hot potatoes. Very tasty. We also added roasted garlic.

                      2. Are things like chicken stock parve? I thought parve was neither meat nor dairy...

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                          Chicken stock isn't parve, but would be fine to use with a meat meal.

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                            Traditionally, many Kosher cooks would use powdered "chicken" stock (Croydon House was a favourite when I was growing up), which is pareve.

                        2. It may seem odd, but I find potato water instead of other subs, really brings out the flavor of the potatoes. I use Yukon Gold potatoes, potato water, and Spectrum Spread, which is butter flavored and parve. A handful of chives at the end and the potatoes are delicious. If you don't want to use a butter substitute, I'd go with olvie oil.

                          I now see that you needed this recipe for Rosh Hashanah and it's too late for this year. Hope your potatoes were delicious.

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                            No problem, there are plenty of other holidays that I need to make them for...

                            I ended up using vegetable broth (no chicken broth, im vegetarian), and margerine and everyone loved them. For thanksgiving though, its back to butter and cream!

                          2. I love to roast some garlic in olive oil and then blend both the cloves and the oil with some sea salt into the potatoes...a little soy milk might be nice too...I also like to use white pepper for the taters to avoid black flecks...just a little though as white pepper can have a strong aroma..