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Sep 19, 2006 12:30 PM

new tayyab, fieldgate street, london

a bunch of visiting punjabis and i went for lunch the other day.

unanimous verdict: awful.

we ordered everything in sight: the daily special (kofta) to the tarka dal, the karahi stuff, the dry gosht and the kebabs. within an hour we were feeling the dryness induced by the vast amounts of oil we'd ingested. even the kebabs were boring - the mutton chops were dry and tasteless, ditto the chicken tikkas.

the only salvation were the superbly made seekh kebabs and the crisp tandoori roti, still the best in london.

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  1. Oh dear. Had this place ever been any good?


    1. welll ... its been a long time favourite hole-in-the wall sorta place for north indian/pakistani fare amongst londoners who pride themselves on understanding that indian cuisine isn't found in curry houses.

      i always hope i'm going to get a good meal there, but alas...

      1. Tend to agree with you Howl, I find the food at the Lahore to be far more consistant.

        1. That's fine, the less of you that go there the more room there is for the rest of us

          1. oh hello tony.

            eaten any good south western indian food lately?