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Sep 19, 2006 12:28 PM

Lunch along I-80 (Cleveland area)

Any chowish suggestions not too far off the road for a family with two small kids? We'll be hitting the Cleveland area around noon on a weekday on our way to Chicago.

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  1. Rosati's (map: has great custard and Whitehouse Chicken (map: or map: is supposed to have some of the best fried chicken in the entire country. (Really. John T. Edge said so.


    Exactly how far is "not to far?" There may be more options depending on your criteria.

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    1. re: stuart

      I don't think I want to wander more than ten minutes off of 80. The Twinsburg location of Whitehouse looks about right.

    2. What about Blue Canyon?

      I don't know how far off of 80 it is, but it is in Twinsburg near I-480 and Rt. 91.

      The food is worth the stop.

      1. if you go to the western burbs of clevelenad and get off on rt58 at the west lorain/amherst exit, just south of the exit in amherst is HOT DOG HEAVEN. guaranteed kid approved. best chili dogs ever!

        hers a link: