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Sep 19, 2006 06:25 AM

LA Ice Cream Classics: name your faves

Summer's coming to and end, and I realize I still don't know what the LA ice cream classics are! I'm talking about a regional company that's been around for a few decades but never made it big enough to be loved by anyone who isn't an Angeleno. Something that people miss when they move away, and that reminds them of growing up here.

For San Francisco, it would be something like It's It ice cream sandwiches or Mitchell's ice cream.

Is LA's equivalent Carvel? Penguin? I've seen both around but been to neither. Thrifty's?

Bennett's in The Farmer's Market near The Grove might fit the bill, but I don't think they sell any ice cream at other locations. Incidentally, I tried their fresh peach the other day and found it lacking in peach flavor and a little foamy in terms of mouthfeel. Not bad, but not great.

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  1. C. C. Brown's hot fudge sundaes--best ever. For this too young (almost everybody probably)--it was next to "Grauman's" Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd--best place to have a kid's party when I was a kid.

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      I agree with ThatPat-C.C. Brown's was wonderful. Incredible hot fudge sundaes, wood booths, long marble countertop. A few years ago you could still buy the fudge and carmel sauce in jars at Gelson's. Apparently they sold to Lawry's condiments and it is no longer available, but perhaps in the future.

      Does anyone remember the Carnation's Soda Foundation on Sunset Blvd? Unfortunately both of these classic ice cream places are long gone.

      Of the survivors, I vote for Fosselman's for classic ice cream.

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        yes, i remember carnations very well ...going there with my grandparents on saturday night...the glittery pavement outside and the cigarette vending machine inside. i miss that a lot! but my vote is also for thrifty ice cream now in rite aid.

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        Obviously I meant to say "For those too young...", not for "this". I am getting senile!

      3. I know Fossilman's supplies other stores, but not sure about the reach their products have. Even some people here haven't heard of them.

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          Fosselman's fresh peach ice cream was among the best of the fresh fruit flavored ice creams I have ever tasted.

        2. I would have to say Mashti Malone's

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              OH YEAH!!! MCconnells of Santa Barbara! I feel like a king when I find it for 3 bucks instead of 4 at Gelsons! ISLAND COCONUT IS MY WEAKNESS. Turkish Coffee is strange and addicting.....Peppermint Stick is just plain wacky!

            2. oh, up to a couple weeks ago, fosselman's had fresh peach ice cream, really good.
              one note: this is old fashioned ice cream, nothing re-invented, not artisanal, but still good. and some have nice high butterfattyness.

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                Peach is one of the seasonals - as in "when peaches are in season", which is just one reason why I love Fosselman's. Peach season has come and gone, and their current seasonal is pumpkin. My wife, who by the way loathes pumpkin pie, went raving loony for this on her first lick, and I have to agree. She promised me that if I could make a pumpkin pie that tasted like this, she'd be a I'm working on it.