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Sep 19, 2006 06:18 AM

$30/person dinner near Kapalua for 16 people

I've searched the site, but it seems most of the recs are a bit of a drive from Kapalua. We're looking for a restaurant that can accomodate 16 adults and 4 babies (less than 2 years old) with the following:

Location - within 15 minutes of Kapalua
Price - approximately $30 per person
Open on Mondays for dinner (rules out Fish & Poi)

Any suggestions? Please?


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  1. You could go to the Sea House Restaurant at Napili Kai Beach Resort. They take reservations, have a great view, and are family friendly.

    1. Is Sansei Seafood too expensive? (I haven't been forever...) I noticed they are relocating within Kapalua to a new location and won't re-open until Sept. 29th. The news page mentions private rooms...

      1. I was looking at Sansei and I guess I got confused. I thought they were moving to Lahaina because it has a Lahaina address on their website. Thanks for pointing out they'll still be in Kapalua.

        1. PO addresses up Kapalua way are Lahaina - confusing until you get used to it.

          When you say $30 do you mean all in (including tip and tax? If so that could be tough. Entrees at Sea House are in the 20s if I recall correctly. As already pointed out, however, they are very family friendly. The per person at Sansei can very significantly but will probably be slighter more than Sea House. Mala might be something to consider. They are about 15 minutes south, depending on traffic.