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Sep 19, 2006 05:09 AM

Good laid-back cafe on the Westside

New to LA. Looking for Westside cafe(s) with good coffee, good pastries/baked goods and a laid-back vibe to sit at in the morning. For those who can make the connection, a devotee of Arizmendi, and sometimes Tartine, when in San Francisco.

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  1. Try Amandine on Wilshire near Bundy. I haven't been in the morning, but it's not usually too crowded in the afternoon. And I've never seen it look as crowded as Tartine! I prefer the croissants at Amandine, and the cake and pastries are wonderful too. The quiche is nowhere near as good as Tartine's, though.

    1. Cafe Tazzina on Wilshire and 16th. (Il Fornio baked goods)

      Panini Cafe in Marina del Rey

      Laizy Daisy II on Wilshire in brentwood

      1. Gran Casino on Main St. in Culver City

        1. When you're in Culver City, Bistro de l'Hermitage.

          1. BreadBar has great pastries...