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Sep 19, 2006 04:00 AM

Two new eateries in Columbia SC

Tried the new Capitol Cafe on Main Street today for lunch. (Formerly Cat and Cleaver) Refined decor. Nice selection of sandwiches and salads. I had the pastrami Reubin - very tasty, somewhat spicy. Two vegetarian friends were pleased with the choices available to them.

Prices are on the low side. Service was good. Unfortunately, two orders arrived without main ingredients: the Greek wrap lacked its feta cheese and the grilled chicken wrap came without its dressing. The waitress quickly remedied both, with apologies.

I'll definitely return.

Around the corner, where Gervais Street Deli once was, is now a coffee shop. We popped in to check out the menu and it looks promising. My friend bought a coffee and pronounced it good. I may try it for breakfast tomorrow.

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