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Sep 19, 2006 03:55 AM

In the Valley.....

To help my wife, who doesn't drive at night (! I know, but we are originally from NY), I will have time to kill in the Valley tomorrow night around dinner time.
Will be in North Hollywood, on Magnolia, near Laurel.
It's not my 'hood.
I am wondering about Valley hounds' chow recs for that area.
I've been to El Taco Llama on Magnolia, to Maximilien, to Caoiti's on Tujunga. But that's it.

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    1. re: running pig

      I searched and found one right there on Magnolia, and another on Victory Blvd in Burbank. Which one are you recommending?

      1. re: George

        I don't know about R. Pig, but I recommend the one on Magnolia at Bakman (near Tujunga). The neighborhood is getting pretty dicey at night these days, but that branch of Casita consistently outshines the one at Magnolia and Victory.

        1. re: NeNePie

          Running Pig can actually run from her home to both, but agrees with NeNePie---the one on Bakman is awesome! Haven't been to the other. Love the citrus-soaked chicken. Nice to go to a place that specializes in chicken tacos. YUM!

    2. For great coffee shop, try the Coral Cafe on Burbank a block East of Hollywood Way. Avoid Sittons. We locals call it Sitton Wait.

      Steve Doggie-Dogg

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      1. re: stevedoggiedogg

        I hate Sittons. I went there with my 5 year old and they left us standing at the door, totally ignored for 10 minutes (place was only 1/2 full at the time). I only got a table when I demanded they seat us. Grab the menu and there is absolutely nothing for children. I left and went to Twain's where I didn't have to spend $15 for a child's meal, half of which was going home in a bag to sit in the fridge for a few days before it got tossed.

      2. Drive a mile and a half up the road to Skaf's Lebanese Grill, on the NE corner of Oxnard and Laurel Canyon. Get anything on the specials menu, or any grilled meat. It's amazingly good.

        If you really, really don't want to travel, go to Leonor's Vegetarian Mexican restaurant, in the plaza on the NW corner of Magnolia and Laurel Canyon.

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          When did Leonor's open at that location? Is this one
          connected to the Leonor's up on Victory & Tujunga or
          the one at Moorpark & Whitsett?
          From what I understand the Victory location is the original and still run by Leonor. The one on Moorpark was opened by someone who used to used to work at the original.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            I went to that Leonor's once. They didn't have a chair to fit anything but the most svelte backside. I ended up going to the Chinese restaurant a couple of doors down. It was excellent. The best Chinese I've had in North Hollywood.

            Steve Doggie-Dogg

            1. re: stevedoggiedogg

              That's odd, I never had that issue.

              Was the Chinese place China Lites? That's not bad at all.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                No, China Lites is up by Chandler. I like that place too. This one is in the mini mall at Magnolia and Laurel. Two doors West of Leonor's.

                Steve Doggie-Dogg

            2. re: Das Ubergeek

              Oooh, Skaf's, yes, that would be my choice. They have a trout special on Saturdays and I am hooked on it.

            3. Skaf's Lebanese is good. If you can get to Ventura Blvd. and want a little more atmosphere, I would go with Senor Fred. Good upscale mexican food. Room's a bit dark.

              Cheap and quick - I would go to Que Rico's for a burrito or across the street at Carnitas Michoacan for tacos.

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              1. re: Noclue

                Sounds like you're right in my neighbourhood there. I like Que Ricos but the consistency is weird -- there's an old guy who sometimes cooks and his food is just no good at all. Carnitas Michoacan, if you can get past the ghettotastic decor (iron bars, neon, run-down), is really good -- and their tortas are damn tasty.

                You haven't been to Aquarium, next to Que Ricos, or Talisman, on the corner there, have you? Aquarium never looks open, and Talisman doesn't look like food is its primary focus (hence the sign saying "BEER" in Russian in the window).

                1. re: Noclue

                  You forgot to mention Que Rico's and Carnitas Michoacan are on Victory at Coldwater.

                2. Right at Magnolia and Laurel Canyon is a small neighborhood Japanese place called MIYA SUSHI that I like. I usually go with my parents who are not big on sushi so we end up ordering their cooked foods. Tempura is light and not too greasy, sukiyaki is good, prices very reasonable and the staff nice and friendly.

                  You can also drive another 5 minutes on Laurel Canyon and hit up the restaurants right there at Ventura Blvd like Outtake Bistro.