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Off the Strip Dining: Vegas


Am writing an article on fine dining off the Vegas strip. Any suggestions? I'm looking for places no more than a 20 min drive from the Strip. So far, I've heard about Tod's, Como's, Rosemary's, Marche... help!

email: awesomephilly@hotmail.com

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    1. Thanks Cherie - do you know where that is? Or do you have a website/phone number? Is Roy's a chain from East or LA?

      Thanks so much for your help! What do you enjoy when you dine there?


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        Roy's is on Flamingo east of the Strip if memory serves. It is a high-end chain out of Hawaii headed up by Roy Yamaguchi.

        You should also add Pamplemousse to your list. An off-strip Vegas institution for haute cuisine.

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          Pampelmousse is great, old school French.

      2. PaneVino (Sunset just east of Las Vegas Blvd.)


        Great ambiance and food. Views are breathtaking especially @ Sunset.

          1. What would you say is better - and why - ambience, food, service, price? Pamplemousse v. Marche Bacchus

            www.pamplemousserestaurant.com or www.marchebacchus.com

            Thanks! I just want to make sure that I include a variety of chefs - two French might be a lot.

            As far as PaneVino, does anyone feel that because it's in a corporate center, this distracts from its ambience? And if you've been there, tell me - is the deli adjacent to the dining room? I'm trying to get an idea of what you see when you walk in - do you walk through their deli, or is it on another floor?

            Thank you,


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              Yes the Restaurant is in a corporate Center...but that doesn't detract when you enter the restaurant. It is a beautiful space. The warm colors and ambiance give it an intimate feel.
              The deli has it's own entrance and is not accessible from the Restaurant entrance. They act as two separate entities.

              Another rec. off the strip that's fun and gets a lot of hype is Hash House A GO GO


              1. Pamplemousse is much more upscale than Marche Bacchus. Marche Bacchus is also a wine and retail store and is very casual.