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Sep 19, 2006 02:27 AM

Pinkberry frozen yogurt [moved from Manhattan board]

NY Mag announced that Pinkberry (famous in L.A. for its real frozen yogurt) opens this week on 32 St./5 Ave. Has anyone been? It sounds sooo good. I'm tired of fake Tasti Delite and grainy Columbo. I wonder if it's as good as Bloomingdale's plain Frogurt.

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  1. wow! i *loved* this place in LA. it's soooo good!
    the yogurt is delightfully tangy
    in the best of all posible yogurt ways.
    the fresh fruit is so delicious.
    of the two kind of yogurt (plain and green tea, both delicious)
    i prefer the green tea
    it's actually not too dissimilar from the bloomingdale's frogurt
    though it's been a while since i've had it

    so excited it's coming here!
    we waited a whole hour in LA one night and it was worth it

    my photo, in case you are interested:

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. as of last night it was closed! anybody know when it's going to open? the article says this week...

        1. I feel like I passed by another branch opening up in Chelsea (8th Ave)? Sighh, too bad it'll be like $4 a cup or something. Just like the inflation Jamba Juice underwent on its cross-country journey.

          1. Eater reported just now that it'll open Monday at 11am.

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              Has anyone gone to the 32nd St. location yet?