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the name of that Times Sq. Izakawa that the NYT reviewed (and how is it)?

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Can anyone remind me of the name of that Japanese pub near Times Sq. that got a good review (in the 25 under column, I believe) in the New York Times about 2-3 weeks ago? And if you've gone, how is it?


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  1. Aburiya Kinnosuke? I actually went there this weekend and I recommend sitting by the bar. Theres an authentic feel to this place. Its a very small restaurant but nobody spoke louder than they were supposed to - voices were kept low. Service was discreet and excellent. Food was delicious - but you must be a fish lover to enjoy it as most of the grill menu was fish parts odd and ends..actually alot of what we ordered was just that. Just go!

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      He was, as the poster below pointed out, referring to Sake Bar Hagi. But Aburiya got a fantastic review in the Times a few months ago, and it sounds fabulous.