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Sep 19, 2006 01:48 AM

the name of that Times Sq. Izakawa that the NYT reviewed (and how is it)?

Can anyone remind me of the name of that Japanese pub near Times Sq. that got a good review (in the 25 under column, I believe) in the New York Times about 2-3 weeks ago? And if you've gone, how is it?


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  1. Aburiya Kinnosuke? I actually went there this weekend and I recommend sitting by the bar. Theres an authentic feel to this place. Its a very small restaurant but nobody spoke louder than they were supposed to - voices were kept low. Service was discreet and excellent. Food was delicious - but you must be a fish lover to enjoy it as most of the grill menu was fish parts odd and ends..actually alot of what we ordered was just that. Just go!

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      He was, as the poster below pointed out, referring to Sake Bar Hagi. But Aburiya got a fantastic review in the Times a few months ago, and it sounds fabulous.