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Sep 19, 2006 01:13 AM

Weekend lunch in the Ascutney/Windsor, VT area

I am looking for a place for lunch on Saturday around the Windsor/Ascutney area. I am open to any cuisine, preferably a casual place, where I can grab some good chow.

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  1. Too late now, did you find anything? There's Dan's Windsor Diner on Main St. There's a little truck stop type place at the exit in Ascutney that's okay. In Claremont NH, there's another diner and a decent place called Bricker's down past the Walmart.

    1. It is now January but you need to check out Sophie and Zeke's Restaurant on Pleasant St. in Downtown Claremont. They opened in Jan. 2006 and it is a terrific place for lunch or dinner. You can see their innovative menus at The atmosphere is amazing and the food equally delicious. If you want a hot weekend night spot, this is where foodies are gathering from all over the region. A friend recently commented that he can just close his eyes and randomly point to anything on the menu and he knows whatever turns up is going to be excellent. You can't say that about very many places! Good luck and happy eating.

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        Shoot, that web site didn't connect. Is this place on the main drag of Pleasant St. or by the rotary type thing? There used to be a decent pub style restaurant with entertainment in that rotary area that we went to a lot when we visited our parents. The new place sounds interesting altho who knows if I'll get back up that way.

      2. Sophie and Zekes ( , the above url has an extra period on it...) is on Pleasant Street. For a short time it was Cafe Cubano, but it's been there for around two years.