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Sep 19, 2006 12:55 AM

Best Chinese in SA?

Opinions, thoughts ?


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  1. I am on a quest to find the same. One of my associates is from Hunan, I've been trying some places he suggested.

    So far, the best is Kim Wah BBQ on Bandera rd. (
    )Be sure to order from the chinese menu.

    The other one I tried was Chef Chan's Tea House at 410 and Evers, I had one thing that was ok, very large menu so I may not have had a representative sample. There's another small place near there that I plan on trying today.

    The other place that was suggested by another friend is China Inn on NW Military near West. It's next door to Taipei, which came reccomended by several people, but was very americanized.

    Unfortunately, most of the chinese here is mediocre at best, the buffets really suck.

    Let me know if you find anything edible.

    1. I ate at Kim Wah yesterday for the first time during lunch. There were three of us, 2 ordered from the Chinese menu, which I am not familiar with.
      I ordered beef and onions. It had alot of ginger flavor and I thought it was pretty good. The sping rolls were very doughy and nondescript like the rice. Another ordered the crispy mango chicken. We had higher expectations and thought it was OK. We couldnt decide whether to return but I think we will on a Wednesday to try Walnut Shrimp and Kung Pao Beef, both from the Chinese menu.
      We had to ask for the Chinese lunch menu, be sure to do that.
      The third person had American version chicken with added shrimp, she liked Chef Chan better.
      We have eaten there at least 5-6 times for lunch. It's not the best, but for 4.25, soup and tea included, it cant be beat.
      I like all the spicy chicken dishes, such as Hot & Spicy Chicken and the Jalepeno chicken and shrimp. Most of us avoid the beef dishes, seem too sweet or funny tasting. And skip the eggroll for the crabmeat rangoon, much better. We also sometimes skip the soup for an extra rangoon. ummm, I'm hungry.

      Now, if I could find good mexican around 410 and Bandera. We have found several good Thai but thats anothe story. I used to work by Market Square downtown over 20 yrs but moved over here.
      Saeyedoc, whats the other chinese place youre trying?

      1. I don't know the name. It's on the other side of Evers from Chef Chan, supposedly a small place. I was told to make a right at the first light heading North on Evers from 410 and it's in the shopping center there. My Chinese associate tends to only remember names of places in Chinese!

        I agree about the beef at Chef Chan, I had the XO beef and not only did it have a funny flavor, it wasn't a good cut of beef, very tough. How about that 12# lobster they have in their tank! It's a monster.

        Try the salt stir-fried ribs at Kim Wah, very tasty. I've had the Kung Pao chicken (chinese version) and it was pretty good.

        For mexican, drive the 10 minutes to 410 and Blanco and go to Guajillo's, my favorite mexican in SA.

        1. There is Hui Su on Broadway by Loop410,get off at the Broadway exit,and make a left on Broadway and go done a bit.It's on the left.Never been there but it has gotten good reviews.
          China Harbour Buffet on Walzem is alright,and Once in a great while I go to China Seas Buffet on Thousand Oaks .It used to be a Luby's Cafeteria years ago.
          Bejing on Northwest Military is good.It's on your right hand side in a shopping plaza .Had good dim sum at the Golden Wok on Wurzbach and Gardendale.

          Trying to picture the China Inn on NW Military and West.
          Bejing on NWMilitary isnot near any other chinese places.

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            The restaurant on Broadway is called Hsiu Yu. It's been several years since I've been there but it was pretty good then. The family booked it several times for special occasions.

          2. China Inn is just North of Taipei, almost in the same parking lot, but set back more from Military.

            Golden Wok is good for Dim Sum, I've heard not so good for anything else.