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Sep 19, 2006 12:53 AM

Any Italian Delis in San Antonio?

We normally get deli meats & cheeses from Central Market, but if there is an actual Italian deli we'd love to know about it.


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  1. They make some good sandwiches at Panini Grill at 1604 and Blanco, in the same shopping center as Stonewerks and Chipotle.

    1. paletta's on jackson keller--near mccullough--is by far the best. AUTHENTIC.

      1. cerroni's is a new restaurant if you are looking for a small, really good, family run place. they are not so much a deli for meats and cheeses, but their sandwiches, pizzas and antipasti are the best in town. they used to be the purple garlic, years ago. mark cerroni, the original owner just reopened the restaurant. they are at thousand oaks and 281, near big lots. don't miss it.

        1. When I used to live in the medical center area there was an Italian deli/pizzeria called Napoli's that had really good sandwiches. I think it was on Medical, but I don't know if it exists anymore. Also, Rome's Pizza on bitters and West ave. makes some good sandwiches.