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Super Healthy Dining/Take Out Options in Toronto? Help!

Hello Chowhounds!

With my upcoming beach wedding all good food ( bread, pasta, rice, sugar, butter, anything breaded ) is off limits for a while...I'm missing it already!

I need to know the healthiest dining/take-out in the city that you know of, so that I can stick to this plan. Please let me know where you head in T.O. for super healthy/low-carb meals!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Whole Foods Market take out from their salad bar/prepared foods.
    Lettuce on Bloor East of Yonge (build your own salad).
    Fresh on Bloor and Spadina, or south of Queen/Spadina - lots of options.
    Camros on Hayden (south of Yonge/Bloor) has great vegetarian organic food, but may be a bit carby for you.
    Failing that, I just try to stick to salad or veggies with a protein and skip the bread/fries whenever I am out. And just be careful with the salad dressings.

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      Yea I agree about the food being too carby at Camros. They overuse dill and it is in almost every dish. The people are sweet and trying hard. I find their food very bland. You are paying a lot of money for a lot of grains which are bought in bulk and like cord said...potatoes and other starches. I would rather it be vegetarian and dynamic than "Organic" and drab. I don't really think it is deserving of the hype. It is good that there is another healthy option around yonge and bloor. I prefer Mela... Organic Italian with rich, fresh well seasoned food. Also carby but much more satisfying than Camros.l

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        Since my original post about Camros, I have to say I have become addicted to their kale salad, and they also always have green salad, plus a beet salad. So, it is possible to have a less carby meal there. Also they usually have a spinach stew as well.

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        Depending on your location, a Lettuce has now opened on Yonge north of St. Clair. Also try some vegetarian restaurnats - Le Commencal on Elm perhaps?

      3. I think you should rethink the pre-marriage weight-loss plan and actually go on an eating binge. Just think 10,20,30 years from now you'll look at the pictures and comment how trim you were. By gainging weight for the wedding/photos, the future look back will be much more enjoyable!!

        1. Is sashimi an option for you? It might be a little expensive. But fish is good for you right?

          1. Yeah, fish is fine...sashimi is a good idea. And "Robb" an eating binge actually sounds alot more enjoyable!

            : )

            1. Any of the 'Juice for Life' restaurants (http://www.juiceforlife.com/) have an extremely diet-conscious menu. Many large salads with all natural low fat dressing, there is very little oil and fat in all of the meals. Although I do hope you maintain a balance of some starch...

              1. I was at Saigon Sister the other day (I love their noodle combos, sigh), but being virtuous I ordered the Green Mango Salad. It was mainly bean sprouty type stuff with some chicken and shrimp in a vinegar dressing.

                Nothing special, but when you've been dieting for four months like me, very tasty!

                1. you can go to dominions and grab some premade salads.
                  those are pretty cheap and i find them very filling.

                  1. There's a place on Jane St. North of Bloor called Liten Up Food Science (http://www.litenup.ca/) They do home/work delivery of healthy prepared foods.

                    1. I haven't tried it, because I noticed it for the first time yesterday and had already had lunch. There's a new(?) Indian place on Yonge St, west side, a block north of the Cook Book Store, and I think that it's called Veda. It seemed to be atypical, and focussed on health. Just a thought. But NO NAAN FOR YOU! (Actually, I liked robb's suggestion.)

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                        You wouldn't want to eat their naan, anyway. Think nuked cardboard.

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                          Agreed with above poster...food at Veda is alright...I've had better Indian but a good option if you're in the area. And yes, the naan is less than desirable.

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                            Total cardboard. Presidents choice naan is better than Veda. I've had better indian from a can.

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                              I actually like Veda. If you go in expecting really good Indian food then it's not going to work. It's high fiber low-fat food with some Indian spicing. If you're sticking to a diet, it's a welcome change from a salad.

                              The naan sucks, but think of it more as a warm piece of bread to sop up the sauces and you'll get over it. Naan made without ghee sucks. As healthy french fries suck ..it's silly to compare to the normal fatty thing.

                        2. it's all about ordering, for what you're trying to do you can go almost anywhere but order wisely.

                          Like at most italian places a bufalo mozza salad and the rapini side dish with carpaccio would work. Grilled fish is available everywhere even at the most vile chain restaurants. It's definately time to treat yourself to great seafood more often. Thai soups and loads of homemade soups help a lot for bulk. Doing the pre-event sprint like you're doing I try not to avoid my regular places, just order differently -- otherwise I end up slimmer but insane.