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Sep 19, 2006 12:05 AM

Does anyone have a photo of Buddy's Sirloin Pit (Cambridge, MA)?

My parents were in love with Buddy's Sirloin Pit, and whenever they think of its passing, they get surprisingly close to teary. If any of you Cambridge-centric chowhounds felt similarly about the place, and were smart enough to take a picture, and would be able to send me a digital version that I could give to my folks, I'd be grateful.

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  1. In reminiscing about Buddy's Steak Pit, in Cambridge, perhaps your parents told you that Buddy's was, in fact, located in the front of Cardell's, a cafeteria-style place run for many years by Buddy's father.

    I was a regular at Cardell's for years in the late Sixties and early Seventies. I used to take my then-young son to Cardell's for breakfast almost every weekend. Buddy's father, a very prim and proper gentleman who always wore a tie, made the best chocolate malted frappe I ever had outside of my hometown of Chicago. I also loved the Welsh Rarebit at Cardell and almost always ordered it. The sweet old Irish cook at Cardell's was one Mrs. Sullivan, a woman right out of central casting.

    A treasured souvenir which I liberated from Cardell's in their last days is a glass ashtray that reads:

    "Cardell's Restaurant Mrs. Sullivan Cooks Here"

    I'll e-mail you a picture of this priceless momento if you like but, unfortunately, I have no pictures of this wonderful, old fashioned and much-missed cafeteria.

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    1. re: Elzoe

      Thanks, Elzoe - my parents did talk about Cardell's and I bet they'd be tickled even to see your souvenir. Too bad an actual Buddy's Burger is less easily resurrected.

    2. GDSwamp --
      I'd be happy to e-mail you a picture of the Cardell's ashtray, assuming you don't mind posting an e-mail address or, perhaps, meeting you and your parents somewhere in the area (I live in Brookline) to enjoy some sentimental face-time with the ashtray.

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      1. re: Elzoe

        The in person group ashtray worhip may have to wait, Elzoe. I live in Philly and my folks are in CT. However, my email address is posted on my profile page (just click on my underlined username...).

        Thanks, El.

        1. GDSwamp--
          Please excuse my ignorance, but how do I get to your profile page?

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          1. re: Elzoe

            You just click on my name wherever you see it underlined. Like in the box above where it says "about 8 hours ago GDSwamp..." click on GDSwamp.

          2. GDSwamp --
            Did you, indeed, get the photo of the priceless ashtray from Cardell's?
            If you did, I trust that your parent's enjoyed it.

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            1. re: Elzoe

              I just did! It got sent to my junkmail folder which I luckily checked today. So I'll be sending it on to the folks this evening. Thanks again, Elzoe

              1. re: GDSwamp

                Are you still looking for a photo of Buddy's Sirloin Pit? Here's one. I worked for Buddy for eight years, both busing and cooking. In fact, I hold the record for the number of burgers on the grill at one time: 18 Specials medium-rare. I was told not to do that again. Do you have the photo of the ashtray that somebody else sent you?

                - Niel Wright

                1. re: nielwright

                  I do! Here it is (attached, I hope). And thanks for posting the great photo.

                  Man, my folks would give their collective right arm to be able to have a Buddy's burger again. Any recipe secrets you can share so that they could try to recreate the magic at home (it won't be the same, but...)?

                  Also, do you know what became of the family and of Buddy? I know they'd like to know.

            2. I remember Buddy's from the 70"s & 80's. The "Sirloin Special" came with a baked potato (and sour cream, of course), salad and "Texas Toast". The server would always ask you: "Salad, cuz?" There was a small sign by the cash register: "Tipping is not a city in China".

              Cardell's served more traditional food in the rear but you all sat next to each other. The clientele included Harvard professors and the bums of Harvard Square. It was one of the best places to eat in the Square an sis sorely missed.